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Clearing Negative Energy

Understanding how to release negative energy is a passion of mine and I am sure there will be subsequent blogs on the topic! It will be an on-going learning process, as situations arouse different emotions and circumstances. 

As a sensitive empath, I find I am so aware of others emotions, thought processes, negative energy, criticism and bad moods and find it incredibly de-energising, as do many. I want to learn the most effective way to throw this off, quickly and effectively. I know this is major key to happiness. My friend and I came up with the idea of physically shaking your hands and singing the words to the Taylor Swift song ‘Shake it Off’ the other day and it was a great temporary removal and fun at the same time! I am though looking for a more permanent plan.

From the other side, I would love to be able to remove everyone’s negative energy from their physical form, so they can relax, stop complaining & learn to look at the good in everyone & enjoy life to a greater degree. I will find a way!

Changing the criticism culture, like with families that bark at each other and talk negatively, it is treated as ‘allowed’ behaviour but we would not tolerate it from friends or enemies! Constant criticism leads to illness and di-sease and can take people ‘back to square one’ emotionally as it recurs, reducing confidence and being able to see a clear perspective.

Meditation is an awesome tool to calm and centre yourself and a very useful visualisation from Kyle Gray & his Angel Prayers book is as follows:

Imagine yourself in a safe place filled with light, with your angels around you. Visualise any situations, people, circumstances that you wish to release, as ribbons of energy coming from your body. Speak to Archangel Michael and invite him to cut the cords, he is a tall handsome angel with a sword of light, “Thank you, Archangel Michael, for cutting the cords that bind me to people, situations and old energy. I am free. As I welcome energy, I am filled with strength, and your light of protection washes over me! And so it is!”

Advice: Do the visualisation regularly, whenever you feel negativity. More to follow…



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