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Book Review - March 2016

Amazing International Bestselling Author & Publisher Louise Hay's book 'You Can Heal Your Life' is the subject of our review for March.

I cannot recommend this book enough; every home should have at least one copy available to hand within their home! Mainly because of my favourite part, the List dictionary that relates dis-ease with emotions i.e. Lower Back Problems = Fear of money. It lists all the key mental patterns & common ailments that so much of society experiences today. I truly believe that dis-ease is related to the aggressive emotions of fear & anger. When many people look into their dis-ease in this way, a change in mind set can lead to healing & a return to optimum health.  I refer to it at least one a week to explain ailments that others are experiencing!

It is an inspiring account of how Louise overcame many of life's challenges and how we can all look within and heal past and current hurts and our habitual self-destructing thoughts that limit our ability to enjoy our time on earth. 

Louise is known as one of the founding members of the self-help movement that is currently growing at experiential rates across the world as society is transforming their lives and mindsets to positivity, abundance and success. One of my big dreams is to write a novel to teach children how to live without fear, worry and stress and the advantages of this. Further helping them how to react and deal with any negativity that does occur or that they are surrounded by. Empathic and sensitive people absorb the negativity of their environment and of the world. I have stopped watching the news for that exact reason - the media is set up to continue to cause us to live in a negative, destructive, bad, horrible world. The world is a beautiful place, there is so many positive things that happen every second of every day and we have to focus on this rather than what the media and our leaders would have us believe. 

Living in the present moment, re-learning a positive view of everything and believing we are all where we are meant to be in this moment transform every day, week, month and makes happiness a way of life!

There is a great timeline on Louise Hay's website of this incredible souls life journey, As the founder of HayHouse Publishing she has really brought self-help, healing and joy to the mainstream population and changed the lives of so many!

Do let me know your thoughts on the book, Louise and self-love in the comments below. 

Have a wonderful week.



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