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April's Pink Full Moon in Libra Energy Update

Our next opportunity to scream at a notepad to release and forgive anything that has upset, hurt or caused us to question ourselves or others, is approaching this weekend. Beginning to write everything down, in preparation for this Saturday's Full Moon in Libra (16th April 2022) at 19:55 (London, UK), 11:55 (LA), 14:55 (NY) and 17.04.2022 04:55 on 17.04.2022 in Sydney, Oz is highly advisable. I can use energy healing to remove the hidden emotional, physical and mental blockages from within you but changing your mindset is a massive part of the journey, for long term healing and success, and that is down to the individual. Until you fully remove and heal the blockages you are holding onto, you will continue to call in the same situations, people and events that upset, hurt or challenge you in a negative way. You may notice a tsunami of emotions rising to the surface this moon cycle so keep yourself grounded, balanced and energised with laughter.

This lunation is known as the Pink Full Moon, after the blossoming of the Wild Ground Phlox, also known as Moss Phlox (Phlox subulata). Spiritually pink is the colour of self-knowledge, self-esteem, new life, perception and of the divine feminine, a key focus of this ascension process. Waking up to and embracing your feminine side fully will help you to evolve and grow at this time. The traits of the sign of Libra to embody are friendliness, extroversion and frankness. As you are open and honest with others, it allows you to do the same with yourself.

We attract that which we need to learn from - read that again! You attract into your life the pain, upset and nastiness and until YOU break the cycle the same will be drawn into your world. Dealing with the issues you have, here and now, allows you to move forward and expand your world view, life plan and enjoyment of all that unfolds. We live in a culture that does not give us what we need, so it is important we change the old trends and habits and achieve all that we are meant to in this lifetime. This is why, when you change the trajectory of your thoughts, working on turning them to positive throughout the day, then you are more easily able to live an abundant, happy, heartfelt existence.

We are all from the cosmos, from the energy that penetrates through and around us, and harnessing it's power is one of the biggest lessons you can learn. You are the architect of your own life, no matter what has gone on before. It can be influenced by past and present lifetimes; therefore, Past Life Regression sessions help you to see what occurred and strengthens your ability to thrive now. This is similar to the Soul Retrieval sessions, as they replace the lost fragments of your soul from this lifetime. Lost through trauma, abuse and even anaesthetic.

I highly recommend those stuck in the 'victim' mentally strive to release the conditioning they have chosen to become accustom to. It is NOT 'why is this happening to me' but 'what can I learn from this'. They are doing this or that to me or this or that is happening to me, no you are the conductor of your journey and have the power to change the landscape you are in, literally and figuratively. Staying 'victim' or 'negative' mode damages every cell in your body and affects everything you do. It indisputably makes you sick, depressed and unable to 'cope', the negativity attracts the 'dis-ease' and messes with everything in your life - including that which you attract in the future unless you change it now.

An example is: I had a client who was physically 'broken' from the birth of her child - she always believed she would die in childbirth and so she very nearly did. We worked on her mindset and physical form for weeks, she became able to sit down once more (it had been over a year) and were so close to fully allowing her to thrive but she got scared and stopped treatment, feeling more comfortable to remain 'broken' 'a victim' than fully healing. So very sad, but her path, her journey and all happening for a reason. Watch your thoughts, check in with yourself and ensure you view life as easy, relaxed and fun, no matter what you are getting up to.

Many of us are vibing so high that the universe is matching our energies with ease, grace and love, applying it to anything we are doing. The ascension journey is focused on the divine feminine energies, as our tolerance for what we used to accept subsides and we all get in touch with our emotions on a whole new level. We are becoming crystalline beings with high frequencies, increased sensitivities, expanded consciousness and our DNA is activating to such a high level that we are moving from a chaotic carbon-based system to a perfected crystalline silicate-based body. Our chakras are switched up from 7 within the body to 13, to include those in your etheric field, with your Merkaba light body activating, further increasing our connection to all that is within and around us. Energy is everywhere and working with its power, transforms your life, your physical form and your love for all you are and all you do.



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