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Alcohol & Weight Loss

Alcohol is used as a form of relaxation, is very socially acceptable and in moderation can be ok.  Excessive drinking effects the following days and can be so harmful. What we put in our bodies is our choice, make it a good choice, look after your soul!

Alcohol changes the brains chemistry and heavy consumption can lead to severe memory loss. It causes increased levels of anxiety and stress and exacerbates, or causes, deep depression. It has been linked to suicide, self-harming and even psychosis.

There is a lot of the misconception around the calorie content and I have included some examples below:

Pint of cider, 210 calories = Baked Beans on toast

Pint of bitter, 200 calories = a slice of pizza

Spirits, double with mixer, 160 calories = Chocolate filled pancake

Large glass of wine, 228 calories = Cornetto Ice cream (sharing a bottle = 340 calories each!)

Shot of vodka, 55 calories = 25ml of single cream

Severe alcoholism can cause drastic weight loss as drinking is substituted for food, although it is most likely that people gain weight and this further increases lethargy and fatigue.


  • As with the food diary, it is a good idea to record your alcohol consumption for one month (be honest!).

  • Detoxing 3 or 4 days out of the 7 days in a week can see a significant increase in energy levels, improvement of mood, concentration and weight loss, definitely less bloating. 

Have a great week


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