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Kundalini Activation Online Group Session Voucher by E.Hands

Kundalini Activation Online Group Session Voucher


Kundalini Activation Innerdance Online Group Session Voucher. Are you ready to allow more Joy, Love & Pleasure into your day? Activate your own inner healing abilities for emotional, physical & mental wellbeing. Kundalini Activation is a transformation of your consciousness. as you lay on the floor, cover your eyes + immerse yourself in the music + energy activations. We are here to live in HEAVEN ON EARTH


Surrendering is key, activations cause a visceral occurrence within the physical form, firing your instinctive, non intellectual, self to fully surrender + embrace the body to a higher degree of magnificence and beauty. Self-love, self-awareness + sexual energies are expanded, increasing the unity of humanity, as we become one.

Previously hidden within your bones there is the capacity to magnify your self-realisation (liberation) + embody a bio-spiritual advancement from the moment you surrender to your own kundalini awakening. Allow boundaries of perception and limitations to dissolve, prepare to encounter the vibrant energy shifts, as you journey to explore deeper aspects of yourself. Group Sessions Online via Zoom, email Emma with your selected date + unique voucher code & she will book you in. 

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