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You Never Know What Others Are Going Through

Yesterday I learned about an old (but a young man) friend who decided to crossover last Sunday, shock, dismay and 'could I have done more', are certainly key emotions right now! Many of us thought he was so happy but you just never know what others are going through in their own personal world. Mental health, although talked about far more than ever, is not dealt with correctly and, almost, still a 'dirty' word. By talking about what is troubling you, it is NOT a sign of weakness and encouraging everyone to communicate more is vital. We must teach the next generations a new way of living, being emotional, discussing sadness, pain and confusion, is part of our growth and learning experiences.

I have been blessed with a younger sister and parents whom I can talk to freely and openly. My little sis has always been my 'rock' and I thank you for being you missy, my parents too, love you all! I used to struggle when things seemed to go so 'wrong', not realising it was the universe asking that I re-access my path, not understanding that what I thought truly affected what I attracted and, effectively, manifested some of the negativity into my life myself. When we believe stuff is going to go wrong, when we are so filled with worry and fear that we cannot 'see the wood for the trees', then we can remain stuck in a hamster wheel of destruction, negativity and pain. I used to attract relationships with very broken souls, wanting to fix them, not realising they were a mirror of my own need to heal and retrain my brain. I am very fortunate to have gone through years of growth, healing and emotional 'repair', that I now get to help others do the same daily. Thank you universe!

Over the last year, I am grateful that more men (& boys) are coming for Reiki Treatments and to learn how to perform it, on themselves and others. One guy who has always worked in very macho professions commented "I am getting more in touch with my feminine side', after his attunement, love it! Lets get more young and old souls receiving and practicing Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and all that aids their relaxation, stress handling abilities and inner health. I have said before, 'we are taught about the benefits of exercise but we need to be SHOUTING about the advantages of working on the internal emotional, mental and physical blockages that occur due to the challenges we encounter and get them removed from our bodies for optimum health and wellbeing.

Be sure to hug, smile at, and appreciate everyone in your life today, kindness goes a long way and could make the difference to someone's minute / hour / day. Go and visit those you have been meaning too, call up old friends and love yourself and others unconditionally. We can all make a difference, are all on this earth for a reason and let's make happiness a journey, NOT a destination. Time does not wait for us, living in the NOW is key and stress is NOT a must, 'hating' your job, your life or your choices is time wasted... make the changes NOW. Do not wait any longer to enjoy this beautiful ride that is our lives.

The soul we lost last week worked in a very difficult profession and suicide is all too common, this is the case with many complex roles, that often involve seeing the worst of people on a daily basis. There are support groups and help available but I am investigating what more can be done. Donating time to provide Reiki, for those battling with what they see every day, before they are so crushed that crossing over seems the only option is certainly a focus right now.

Hug each other, love each other and take the steps to live the life you dream of TODAY. If you want help with spiritual guidance, to book reiki energy healing courses or treatments, to work on 'repairing' yourself, then email or call me. I love helping others to heal from within and am very lucky to know this is my life purpose. Sending love and light to everyone.



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Organisations that can help with anixety, suicide, mental health, depression and much more:

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