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Working With The Full Capacity of Your Brain Power and DNA

My aim for 2020 is for many more of us to tap into and fully activate their DNA capacity and souls purpose by becoming more conscious, more positive and learning tools to aid this journey. This will allow us to truly thrive and be the most amazing version of ourselves.

I have learnt so much more about the fact we do not use our body’s full potential, currently, but with brain retraining, belief and commitment we can blossom into, almost, super humans! The pharmaceutical industry and all those that profit from it do not want us to realise this but know you are amazing and that there is so much more for you to achieve. We can change our brain waves to heal our bodies, no matter what. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a perfect example of this as he healed 6 broken vertebrae in his neck himself, with the power of thought, meditation and belief he could do it! He went from being told he would never walk again & would need numerous operations. Not anymore! He fixed the issues and I have met him, his body functions perfectly!

One key thing is that by awaking your DNA, will greatly assist you in warding off the many viruses around us, on a daily basis. I no longer get ‘sick’, am no longer asthmatic or allergic to nuts since I have embraced the power of the energies within and outside of us. It certainly helps that I am able help others heal and with each Reiki Treatment & Attunements I perform, I get healing too. As we relax, with Reiki, Yoga, Meditation or any form of Energetic Medicine then the DNA, the coils with us, relax so more of our genetic potential is tapped into.

Epigenetic's turn the code of the DNA ‘on’ and ‘off’ – we are NOT hard wired as previously thought. Epigenetic's respond to your environment and your life choices. You CAN change how your body and mind works. You are NOT stuck with disease, you do not need to take pharmaceutical crap… you can control how your body operates, feels and functions. This is why I want people to live more positively, to come and have regular Treatments or Learn Reiki Level I (so you can practice daily at home, because it has been proved you heal from within, literally. Connecting with the energy nature provides for us ignites the immune system and the strength we were born with. Even if there are destructive genes from birth the negative genes can be turned ‘off’, and turned into positive genes within.

Reframing negative self talk, your attitude daily has a massive impact and the power is in your hands, no matter what your ancestors have done. It is very much like turning the light within from a 'dimmer switch' to shining brightly and working stronger and more positively for you. Relaxation, and doing things that ignite our soul, are life changing! I know this is a topic I will revisit again but I hope this has sparked a belief in yourself that you can do, and be, all that you want in this lifetime.



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