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What Is A Soulmate?

Relationships with other souls are complex, enlightening and should nourish your soul. When you meet another person and feel a fabulous spiritual connection and an interrelation of minds, that is almost unexplainable because it just feels so right, they are your soulmate. This can be in the form of a friend, partner or family member that just gets you! Your gut instinct will guide you to your soulmate, once you open your heart and welcome them in.

There is mutual respect, understanding and admiration between you that inspires you both to be even greater versions of yourselves every day. It is someone who boosts you up, honours your opinion, thoughts and goals and is determined to support you in reaching for the stars. You are still the manifestor of your dreams, their unconditional love just allows you the space, time and unquestioning support you desire to live as your authentic self and flourish at this game we call life. You do not have to agree on everything, it is just an unequivocal level of respect that is mind-blowing. The excitement soulmates bring is definitely something to be open to welcoming into your world. Remember the universe hears you so put out there what you truly want and it or something even more magnificent will show up. Now is a wonderful time to set intentions, such as "I am ecstatic about the signs that are going to appear today to lead me to my ideal soulmate and true heart connection".

A Soulmate is a best friend, a mate of your soul, someone who shares a similar energy and ultimate life purpose with you. A person who 'gets you' and is incredibly drawn to you, often quickly without even having spent much time together, and as you share experiences, the connection strengthens and cannot be broken by the interference or negative opinion of another. Insecure and narcissistic souls are most definitely threatened and jealous of the unwavering connection between you both. The energy you give off is magnetising to other people and when in a relationship with your soulmate they often know you better than anyone else. They allow you to grow within your union without putting you down or questioning you. Someone you are comfortable being completely vulnerable with too. Side by side you are unstoppable, a powerful force of love and friendship.

The spiritual connection between you both can aid you on your awakening journey and in discovering your true life purpose, if you have not discovered it already! There is a natural, deep affinity, an instant soul connection and sense of true familiarity, even if you are meeting for the first time. Your soul recognises the energy of their soul and there is a wonderful alignment with them emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Soulmates have strong, open communication and powerful levels of empathy and intuition. In a romantic relationship there is often an intense physical chemistry that is palpable, a dynamic attraction, which produces an intimacy that is like an electric charge.

The trust between soulmates is fantastic, a truthful, open relationship that matches your beliefs and ideology on a deep level, even if you do not always agree. They show up to challenge you to be your true authentic self 24/7 and know that you are deeply loved just as you are. Your soulmate does not make demands on you, lie or manipulate you and the unconditional love is amazing. There are similarities with a twin flame, like the intense soul connection although twin flames are often a direct mirror of your soul. This is a topic I will cover in a few weeks, so that the differences can be better understood.

Enjoy the journey of attracting your soulmate into your world or realising you already did! Life is magical and we are here to have fun, love muchly and laugh often. Have a great week, if you want a Reading, Distance Reiki or to learn Reiki then drop me an email or WhatsApp and we can get you booked in. I currently have a couple of slots left this month.

Have a wonderful week of intention setting and taking action towards your biggest dreams.



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