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Transformational Full Moon in Pisces

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

An exciting, magical and sensitive, Full Moon in Pisces occurs tomorrow and is the last one before the Equinox on 23rd September at 8.50am. Listing achievements for 2019 and being grateful for all you have become (so far) sends positive energy out into the universe and aids your manifesting journey. This Moon Cycle provides another opportunity for releasing all that no longer serves you (anything that is p***** you off, basically!). Letting go of past anger, hurts and 'disappointments' (these only happen to guide you on a better path!) is vital right NOW.

This period we see, and feel, an increase in mood swings, with an increased risk of anger, disappointment and confusion, due to the energies involved, but this will lead to an amazing level of clarity and cleansing for your soul, mind and body. Emotions are heightened by the seasonal changes, darker mornings and evenings, that can unsettle many of us further but find ways to use this to your advantage. Some great advice is to find activities that stop / eliminate the trigger of lower moods and frustrations because there is less daylight. A simple walk in nature can have a profound effect or pursuing a hobby, such as reading, meditation, painting, drawing, running, cycling, learning a new course, writing that book and taking 'YOU' time, so that the shorter days still see you take steps towards your ultimate goals.

This September Full Moon is one of letting go (as nature sheds it's 'skin', we should too!), a time of rebirth and positive transformation. With the possible rise in conflicts, internal frustrations and every day pressures, learning greater ways to protect yourself and taking a minute to walk away from angry encounters (breathe deeply, centre yourself, then return) is important. I have re-shared a blog reviewing Light Warrior by Kyle Gray, where he provides guidance to protect your energies and shine the brightest you possibly can, as you live your life's true purpose.

You may find that you come face-to-face with a new realisation / truth, follow your intuition (your gut instinct) over the next month. It is an exciting time! The autumn equinox is also in 10 days, so preparing over the next week and planning your actions for the remainder of 2019 can be very beneficial. Visualisation, as always, helps you manifest all you want, seeing all of it as in place NOW and thanking the Universe (rather than asking) brings great results.

Suggested Ritual:


  • Sage, Frankincense, Incense or Palo Santo                     

  • Sound chimes  or a sound bowl 

  • Candles                                                       

  • Lighter or matches                                                   

  • Pen & Paper  

  • A selection of your favourite Crystals, pick those you feel most drawn to on the day and that represent where you want to get to and what you want to manifest.

  • Excellent Full Moon Crystals include: Labradorite, Moonstone (for generating a deeper connection with the moon), Clear Quartz, Unakite (for balancing masculine & feminine energies) & Selenite.

The Process:

  • Light the candles 

  • Smudge your home, the area & yourself

  • Ground yourself by feeling the earth under your feet (even if you are not on the ground floor / outside).

  • Visualisation is key here, visibly shake of any tension from your body and begin.

  • Write down that which you wish to release, anything that is bothering you or no longer serving you. These can be people we need to forgive to move on, for example.

  • The pages that you write must then be burnt or release into a river/ stream or buried in the ground within 48 hours of the ceremony. 

  • Let go of old habits & thought patterns as you release the note and visualise a sense of calm enveloping you. This can be in the form of a white light or a Teflon cloak of protection (visualise in your minds eye) surrounding you

  • This process can be repeated during the 24 hours surrounding the full moon. If there are additional thoughts that come up, be sure to list them down & once again burn / set free the list & release any hold it has over you & most importantly, enjoy the process.

Happy cleansing, clearing and manifesting all you dream of this moon cycle. Email any questions or comments to



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