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Tips for Dispelling Negative Energies

No matter where we go, what we are doing or who we meet, each interaction we have affects our own aura / our energy fields, both positively & negatively. We are all susceptible to the energies, moods & attitudes of others and as a spiritualist & empath I very much notice the energies emitted by everyone, especially from negative / angry / aggressive individuals. I wanted to list ways we can protect ourselves & stop their choice to be miserable & unhappy getting into our own space.

When I know I am approaching a situation that could be toxic, I use the following habits & the more I use them, the more effect they are. It is key we don't let the insecurities & personal issues of other people that cause them to emit negative energies, to affect us personally.

Follow the steps so you do not 'take on board' the mood or vibrations of another & to clear any bad vibes we absorb unintentionally. How people act, feel & treat you is nothing to do with you, always remember that.

#1 Set an intention to ward off negative energy "I dispel negativity that invades my sacred space, you have no hold or power here. I stand and face you with no fear, I am calm & protected no matter what I encounter today"

#2 Take a deep breath & envisage surrounding yourself with a white light of protective energy when leaving the house or on entering a toxic environment

#3 Follow this with a Mantra 

#4 Smudge yourself & the area around you, before &/or after a situation. Cleansing your environment regularly with White Sage, Incense &/or Reiki to remove stored energies that you or someone else has brought into your space. You will find the positive energy removes vibrations of tension, fear & stress and so on.

#5 After difficult incidents it is a good idea to do something you enjoy, like going out in nature to aid relax; listening to your favourite music or a meditation are awesome tools.

#6 Book a Reiki Session or administer Self-Reiki to repair any 'tears' that negativity causes in our auric fields.  Reiki instils peace of mind, aids the removal of fear, confusion & anger & promote calm, growth and healing.

#7 Carrying crystals that help with auric protection & warding off negativity is a great way to alleviate bad energies. Suggestions include: Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Selenite (for grounding), Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Amber & Apache Tear. All of them work to protect us, be sure to cleanse & recharge them, whenever you feel drawn too, for enhanced healing.

#8 For anyone trained in Reiki:  Activate Reiki to flow through you & cleanse & energise you, again, before & after difficult events.

#9 Open the windows in your home & refresh the air to rid it of old & unused stuff that is occupying your space

#10 After toxic situations / events / relationships or when they do not go as we had hoped then be sure to forgive the person or situation, so that you are not carrying the toxicity & so that you can heal & remove the 'poison' from your soul.

#11 Meditate - meditation calms you ready for anything. Notice anything that arises your sessions - these things are probably what need to be worked on for you to move forwards.

Reiki Sessions, even self-reiki, & having Crystals, at home, work or wherever we are, can repair any 'tears' that negativity causes in our auric fields. Tears can lead to dis-ease, stress, depression, anxiety and trauma. Lets do all we can to protect ourselves & teach others to do the same, so we can be that positive light / energy within each situation then helping others to heal & improve. How can they resist such amazing positivity! Decluttering your home of anything that you do not use or need can massively help the energies within your space and your own calmness and stress levels.

It is a fabulous idea to have a 'spring clean' of yourself & your space often. Now the seasons are changing there is always a massive shift in energies & we go into a new phase of healing & growth.

Have an amazing weekend and do let me know of any further tips you have that can help us all to protect ourselves. 



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