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Thriving This Winter

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

I definitely notice the change of energies as the light shrinks each day and I have to be sure to apply what I teach others daily to my own thought processes, mood and energy levels. Tools for thriving in the darker days, longer nights and cooler weather are essential! Remember, the lighter days begin (albeit slowly) BEFORE the festive season, so not long now.

1. Don't 'assume' you are going to get poorly, a cold, anything, otherwise you will manifest one. Thankfully applying Reiki daily I no longer get sick, this is due to the fact I constantly say this too, positive vibes. Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) & a whole lemon is highly recommended too. I add them to my daily smoothie with a green vegetable, turmeric, cayenne pepper and distilled crystal water.

2. Nature is still there for us to help with relaxation and rejuvenating ourselves. A lunch time stroll or free daylight time at weekends / days off can transform our mood & energies. Grab any light you can!

Attitude is Everything
Attitude 10% what happens to you

3. It is a vital time to protect ourselves from the negative energies of others and this a great spiritual skill to learn and use daily!  It can be in the form of a protection shield prior to entering the company of those less positive. When we sense the negativity of others, we must remember that their mood, attitude and approach is not about us! Everyone has stuff going on that we know nothing about, some take it out on others, rather than work to heal the issues. We cannot help everyone (as much as I would like to!) and must not take their attitude personally. If they are using extreme behaviour towards you then do not make it your mission to convince them to change or like you. Everyone has their own 'demons', some unfortunately take it out on others and refuse to heal themselves. We can only advise and guide these individuals. If remaining 'sick', miserable, angry, aggressive and so on is their preference, then we have to respect that! No 1 = protect your own energy and step away, do not allow them to deplete your energy levels, you rock, remember that! 

4. Spiritual Cleanse - as nature is shedding it's leaves and throwing out the old, it can be good to do this in your personal life, if it is something you have been putting off! Anyone that drains your energy, causes you unnecessary stress or is too busy 'hiding' from healing because they prefer to play the victim then it is self-preservation to step away. People only have 'power' if you let them! You are in control, use your energy and attention for those who want to help you grow, thrive and embrace the here and now.

5. Mercury Retrograde begins on 17th Nov - 6th December, this impacts all of us, sometimes in a uniformed way but it is vital to look at what YOU can expect from this period. A simple way to do that is with a Angel Tarot Reading, looking at what needs finalising before it begins, what you can expect to experience based on your current thought processes & anything that needs adjusting before it starts in a few weeks!! It is a time of change that affects the conveyance of information & communication and the more prepared we are, the greater our levels of survival & success during these times will be. Retrograde affects all types of communication, speaking, listening, reading, researching, negotiating, editing, selling and buying and rules formal contracts and agreements. It is best to go through a planning period, for the new contracts, not signing any during Mercury Retrograde.

6. Plan a self-protection strategy for the Festive period, when we are around those who we rarely see, stress levels are high and bad moods can be taken out on you, as empaths this makes us easy targets!  There is always a 'pressure' to have a good time and this can then manifest within our bodies as many illness such as colds, tiredness and stomach and bladder issues, as we ‘store’ the emotions internally, affecting how our bodies function. For some people the affects can be exasperated by having to spend time with people who drain their energies, who are negative or who can sometimes spend the rest of the year being strangers. It is key you take time for YOU, even 5 minutes, if you are to be surround by friends & family constantly for the next week. A good idea is to complete a short meditation, self-reiki session or a simple Yoga practice, all help ground and balance you emotionally, so we are not over sensitive to the action of others.

If you do find yourself over analysing situations or behaviours STOP & take, at least, 3 deep breathes and remember it is not you! Empathic souls will also find that they become concerned about how others actions affect the person who is stressing, anxious and worried. We cannot help everyone and must be sure to preserve our own energy fields and state of minds. Literally physically ‘shaking off’ the emotions of those around you throughout the day helps! It can be advisable to pay extra attention to the behaviours of any children around this time of year too because, like animals, they pick up on the stresses and tensions around them and it will have an affect on how they then behaviour. Children often act up when they sense emotions that they cannot control or when they cannot assist the adults, so feel helpless and out of control.

Happy Winter, do comment / email with your experiences and coping skills for these more 'depressing' months. The more we prepare, share and learn from each other then the happiness levels will flourish. Happiness is a journey, lets embrace the beauty of the change in seasons and make the most of the cosy nights and warm fires.


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