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The Magic of Glastonbury

I was fortunate to go on one of my annual adventures to Glastonbury last week and was, once again, enthralled by its magical beauty and wonderful healing energies. Whilst I have previously dipped into the areas history, and knew it to be an amazing place of spiritual pilgrimage, we took an intriguing soul from the U.S.A and I realised my knowledge needed clarifying, hence why it is the topic of this week’s blog.

I know, and have felt on numerous occasions, that it is one of the most important spiritual sites in the world. Originally named the Isle of Avalon, and way before that the ancient British name was Ynys Witrin - the 'Island of Glass'. It is now surrounded by some of the flattest land in the country and in the Dark Ages it was encompassed by marshland and Glastonbury towered above, hence the name! It was cut off from the mainland, only connected by (now called) Ponter's Ball (or the Perilous Bridge).

One of my favourite places is The Chalice Well & Gardens; it is almost beyond description, visiting it is the best way to understand, absorb & experience the full extent of it’s healing qualities. It is definitely a ‘place of sanctity, healing and peace to soothe the soul and revive the spirits’, as their pamphlet describes. It ignites your soul, revitalises your energy and helps you believe in your strength and therefore realise your dreams.

The mystical Glastonbury Tor dominates the skyline and is said to be the entrance to the Celtic Otherworld, certainly a great place to meditate and soak up the beauty of this part of Somerset. The 360-degree views are stunning and extremely peaceful as there are no motorways (only A roads) close by and no train station in the village of Glastonbury itself (Castle Cary is the nearest station). Avebury henge and stone circles, a short drive away, is also an enchanting marvel of prehistoric Britain, a spiritual place of intrigue and wonder.

The myths and legends of this esoteric location are extensive, Glastonbury is definitely one of the most compelling places on earth and works best if you are 'awake', 'open' and ready for change in your life (or starting out on this journey, it can certainly help centre and ground you for making changes and living your life purpose). It is a spiritual centre, combining a stone circle, with solar and lunar alignments, and it definitely draws you to go back again and again. The extensive history would require a blog of extreme length, so I am sure I will write about it again.

The area sits on the red and white ley lines, from the earth's natural energies, a metaphysical connection to the earth that links sacred spots around the world. The earth has channels or 'super-highways' of power and energy that are not visible to the human eye, but felt energetically within the body and soul.

As with a lot of spirituality, the scientific evidence means they are not discussed in geography but energetically they are real. I hope each day that more of the world 'awakens' and embraces the natural healing powers available to us for free, but the pharmaceutical industry will keep trying to convince everyone otherwise.

You always have a choice, what you have learnt previously is not always the best way forwards.

Have an amazing day.



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