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Taking Back Your Power

This is a magical transformative day of growth, healing and taking life to the next level that I feel full to bursting! It is always a time of heightened emotions but it is feeling particularly powerful this month. This is a Capricorn Full Moon and this requires that we look at our feelings to work out where we need to do more work to life any blocks that we are creating for ourselves stopping us fully succeeding. 

Today’s calendar says it all: 

"Now that what you want to attract is on it's way" Dr Wayne Dyer, I highly recommend this short video on @Youtube, only 10 minutes long, by Dr Dyer Stop believing things are not going to work out and go manifest your desires. 'Don't die with your music still in you' is another of his quotes that I adore!

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it, today I am changing the way I react to life and what it throws at me and improve my choices daily.  Print this quote out & stick in a prominent place. it is all about our attitude to our own world, the world around us and the world as a whole. Stop watching negative news, throw out negative speak and see changes unfold. 

Following daily self-healing rituals help to build your spiritual journey and regulate your overall health and wellbeing. I personally habitually, list 5 things I am grateful for (at any point in the day); Self-Reiki & Meditate BEFORE I get up, the same with planking and then taking time to go for a run or walking & take ‘me’ time, even if only for 30 minutes a day.

I was due be teaching one of my clients all about Crystals, selecting them daily, how to cleanse them, where to place them and why using grids increases their strength. The Universe has transpired that I do something else instead, I am excited to see what transpires! It means I will have time to relax and concentrate on my own full moon ritual. If you are interested in taking one of my Spiritual Coaching classes, email me or check out the website.

If you refuse to release old habits & continue to let yourself down (even though it makes you sad) then you have to realise that is a choice you are making, YOU, nobody else, if you carry on playing ‘the victim’ with yourself & those around you then you will remain that way. Our thoughts manifest our world and we become what we think about.

All the words, comments, judgements & thoughts you say out loud & internally manifest. You want a better body, a better job, a better life then go and get it. It is hard work BUT not as difficult as dealing with the disappointment in yourself, the self-loathing and the ‘hamster wheel’ thoughts that you refuse to let go of. 

Do the full Moon Ritual within the next 24 hours and change your life today. It is your choice! We have all had challenges in life and life will continue to provide more challenges, it is how we react that creates our day, our world and our ability to manifest our dreams. 

If you choose (remember YOU choose your words no one puts them in your mouth) to over & over complain about your problems instead of talking about what is great in your life then you are going to attract more problems. If you choose to always feel the need to tell your others all about your ‘problems’. If you choose to tell others all the negative in your life then THAT is what you will continue to attract. I have ‘been there done that’ & going through my main spiritual growth some years ago now, changing what I said, what I thought & how I personal perceived situations & the world as a whole, brought about the biggest manifestations

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