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Struggling with a Negative Mindset or Situation

Today's blog is about my experiences with suicidal, depressed emotions and behaviours and signs we can look for to help others. Sometimes there is really nothing anyone can do but the more we talk about it, then the more people we can help and encourage others to open up and teach them to re-train their brain for a happiness mindset and to find triggers to overcome the all-consuming depression, anxiety & difficult day, week &/or month and learn how to create positive thoughts to heal & ‘throw out’ the destructive mindset.

The biggest reason people cross over early (in my opinion, everyone is different) & on their terms is because they just cannot live in their own heads any longer... It is seen as the only way to stop the emotional & mental confusion. The acute pain of living in a tunnel & unable to see the bright side, unable to 'clear the fog' that can take hold. People find different ways to cope, such as 'drinking through it' with alcohol or overeating or crying through it or, unfortunately, there are times were people believe 'giving up' & 'walking away' & going to see family & friends that have crossed over is the only way because there just seems to be no other answer.

Knowing family & friends left behind may be sad but on a daily basis they appear wrapped up in their own lives often adds to peoples struggles. Visits full of everything but 'how are you' 'how are things going' 'how is your world?', which are seemingly small insignificant questions, but they can actually change another's world & can even save a life. Feelings of such loneliness in such a busy world, "In a crowd but on their own" springs to mind, let’s see what we can do to help others from today to reduce their stress levels!

All these emotions can be triggered by life difficulties such as loss of family & friends, job & home changes, relationship breakdowns, friendship breakdowns and relationship breakdowns at work. Feelings of wanting to help so many others but feeling stuck in a bubble of mental chaos, fear, worry & self loathing, getting through each day taking real effort & struggle & it all seeming utterly pointless.

Spiritual & Mindfulness training can very much help to turn these thoughts around. Even thinking one positive thought each morning as you arise can change your whole day and have a real impact, amazingly! Try it! It is about finding something to do, think about or focus on that can alter the negative thoughts. Once positive thoughts are the majority then they can be life changing!

We can often put too much hope on a situation or person to help resolve the issue(s) & can come away feeling worse & utterly unable to cope. Comments from others can further cause triggers & self-doubt & can create feelings of being unable to breathe, wanting the negative thoughts in your head to clear & the happiness switch to be turned back on in the mind. When in the worst depths of confusion it can feel like it is broken beyond repair... it is not, there is always a way!! We can enjoy this journey & help each other by sharing our experiences & learnings!

The most profound & long-lasting healing ultimately has to come from within you. The care & attention of others can assist but self-love & self-belief, with daily affirmations & gratitude have the strongest effect.

As a very sensitive, empathic person I can sympathise, my energy levels alter so much when there are changes in the world's energy levels, at times of the full or new moon, during Mercury Retrograde, being around others who insist on living a negative mindset & who look at the world through what is wrong rather than being grateful for all that they have & making the most of each day, feeling unloved & when there is disasters or tragedies throughout the world that are just so cruel & unexplainable.

The past has gone & the future has not yet arrived, let’s make this journey a happy one, as often as we can! I always love hearing your comments and will help with any questions that I can, email My Reiki sessions, both distance & in person can really help, I perform self-Reiki daily and it is phenomenal! Also, watching seminars online, reading self-help books & writing can all assist with the healing processes & abilities to reverse the negative thoughts when they arise. Being a spiritualist, people often think that I believe everything is rosey & we have to be positive all the time, that is quiet frankly impossible - it is just about how we cope when life throws us a curve ball or things do not go as we had planned or hoped.

One of my blogs from January further heightens why we need to do all we can to reverse negativity, it is about the affects it has on your health & the cause of much di-sease within society -

Have a great week & do get in touch/ comment below.

Bright Blessings


0208 892 4627

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