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September's Full Moon in Aries

Quote: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi

The energies since the last full moon have been intriguing and sometimes painful. You may have found things showing up that you thought were fully dealt with previously. It has definitely been the closure of chapters that no longer serve us, once we have worked through that which we still needed to learn, from the thoughts, feelings and situations that arose. 

We must ensure that we 'show up' and recognise the new discoveries & opportunities that are within our grasps, allowing us to take things to a whole new level! For me it has been the acceptance that others priorities are completely different to my own, that amongst some there is a pecking order that I do not even feature on. I have know this for years but us humans do habitually put painful thoughts & feelings 'away', out of view and pretend that it is ok, when actually a different way of being would be far more preferable! When those close to you do not even realise they have not seen you for many months, that it had not occurred to them, then it can be another wake up call to reprioritise and cherish those who do make time and effort to create memories with you. Some people live surrounded by 'blocks' that prevent them from truly venturing 'out into the world' and that is their choice. We must work through how it makes us feel, learn from it and move on, it is effectively their choice. Just remember we are all amazing!!! 

Things go 'wrong' / not they way we expected because that is what we need right now. We still have stuff to discover and it can be a reminded that we need to push the boundaries, not settle for less and aim for the stars! This was the rules from the previous full moon, writing down that which we actually want, desire and enjoy and thinking 'outside the box'.

We control our own destiny and on 25th September at 3:52am, (& within 24 hours either side) we must release, once and for all, anything that needs releasing. Write it down, absorb it and burn it!!! I am conducting the 2nd Full Moon Ceremony in my Reiki Room in East Twickenham, a safe space where we can release and absorb the wonder full energies this full moon brings.  This cycle takes place 2 days after the Autumn Equinox, therefore we will be embracing the new season and the wonderful changes coming our way during the ceremony and this is something you can do at home too (or wherever you may find yourself on this day). Getting in tune with the moon and regularly setting intentions with each moon phase allows us to align with the universe and to be aware of emotional changes as each cycle approaches. 

The Rumi quote, at the top of this blog, is so true 'the wound is where the light comes in', when we can grow and blossom from all situations. Without disappointment we would not appreciate joy, happiness and laughter quiet so much! Things go 'wrong' so we can take the right path / heal that which needs fixing and then move in the right direction. 

As the September Full Moon is in Aries well will need to work extra hard to not allow inhibition or restraint to take hold, quiet the opposite in fact. Solutions are appearing and we can pull on the positive energies of Mars & Uranus to throw out fears and remove any obstacles. Do not fear change, let's wake up, show up and embrace all that life has to offer us. When tensions, conflicts and pressures appear then find a new way of dealing with them, one that will not harm you, your journey or your massive explosion out into the world, following your life purpose and you will find yourself wanting to wake up and get going every day. 

You are incredibly strong, capable and resourceful. When we choose a path that is different from the norm or outside of the thinking of us then know that is what you are truly being guided to do. Working in that job you dislike, always waiting for holidays or days off or for others to show up to make you happy will not lead to a fulfilled, happy abundant life. This is the Harvest Full Moon, get out and harvest the life of your wildest dreams, through out anxiety, fears and old habits that you are allowing to hold you back. Happiness is a journey NOT  a destination! Work on finding solutions and reaching for bigger goals, do not settle for less and lets have lots of fun in the process. 

To replicate at home each month this is what you will need:

  • Sage or Palo Santo (or both)                       

  • Sound chimes / bowl Candles                                                       

  • Lighter & matches                                                   

  • Pen & Paper  

  • A selection of your favourite Crystals or those you feel most drawn to on the day or ones that represent what you are looking to clear / improve upon. For example: If self-worth & trust is an area of growth then ones that support this, such as Sodalite, Mookaite, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Lepidolite, Aventurine & Bloodstone.

  • Excellent Full Moon Crystals include: Labradorite, Moonstone (for generating a deeper connection with the moon), Clear Quartz, Unakite (for balancing masculine & feminine energies) & Selenite.

The Process:

  • Light the candles 

  • Smudge your home, the area & yourself

  • Ground yourself by feeling the earth under your feet (even if you are not on the ground floor / outside).

  • Visualisation is key here, visibly shake of any tension from your body and begin.

  • Write down that which you wish to release, anything that is bothering you or no longer serving you. These can be people we need to forgive to move on, for example.

  • The pages that you write must then be burnt or release into a river/ stream or buried in the ground within 48 hours of the ceremony. 

  • Let go of old habits & thought patterns as you release the note and visualise a sense of calm enveloping you. This can be in the form of a white light or a Teflon cloak of protection (visualise in your minds eye) surrounding you.

  • This process can be repeated during the 24 hours surrounding the full moon. If there are additional thoughts that come up, be sure to list them down & once again burn / set free the list & release any hold it has over you & most importantly, enjoy the process.

Carl Jung: ‘One does not become conscious by imagining figures of light; one becomes conscious by bringing light to the darkness.’

As always, let me know your thoughts / experiences and outcomes and have a lovely evening.




'What you seek is seeking you' Rumi

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