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Science vs Spirituality

One of the biggest realisations recently has been that Spirituality was very much a focus throughout the world many years ago and discussed amongst scientists and people from all works of life as the best way to live. People were really starting to understand the benefits and the healing abilities of working with the universal energy that surrounds us, but unfortunately Religion took over the world, and it became very difficult to have anything that went against church dogma. As a result Spirituality disappeared / went underground / was seen as 'odd' and unacceptable, until now! I have always said 'why was I not taught Reiki at school?' or even happiness as a way to be, as with the more practical skills of budgeting and financial management and other skills that enhance our life journey.

Scientists, such as Gregg Braden & Bruce Lipton, are working tirelessly to change the worlds views and getting us living more consciously, with proof that being in a constant state of joy, to all we interact with, is our primary state of being and our life objective. A lot of the world is listening and it is exciting to see the alterations in lifestyle, ways of thinking and activities that people are embracing. There are a lot of free videos, talks and seminars online to learn more, two that are coming up this month are the Hay House Heal Summit & Global Oneness Day.

New scientific reports surface constantly and validate the need to be aware of your environment; to deal with the major impact negativity (even random comments to children, adults and, even animals) has on our growth, confidence and worldview growing up. We must live in a coherent state, mentally and emotionally, and help those who are constantly in pain, catch colds and other dis-ease, that can be eliminated, if they improve their way of thinking and communicating with the world and themselves. Living with frequent sickness, in pain or with issues you do not believe can be resolved, are clear signs from your body to 'wake up', to change your thoughts, your eating habits, your self-love, confidence and lifestyle. We do not need to 'wait' to be happy, happiness is a journey, our purpose and we are ALL 'allowed' to be happy, regardless of negative beliefs we have stored within and that some find hard to release.

Our generations have been taught we cannot heal, that our bodies do not regenerate, but it does and energy medicine can speed up this process. Crystal Reiki with Sound Healing that resets your DNA, for example, ignites your immune system and own ability to heal. We can heal without pharmaceutical crap; they are in it for the money NOT your health. They want you to rely on them, we never used to, so why now? Nature and Energy healing are THE best medicine and it is great that science is finally proving what the metaphysical has been teaching us for years.

Another big problem is judgement, of yourself and others, and one you should address, and clear when it arises, if it is something that is prevalent in your world. There is so much YOU can do to improve your daily experiences. Another example is diaphragmatic breathing, or deep breathing, from the diaphragm, without the chest rising, expanding the stomach to allow yourself to 'open up' and a powerful 'tool' to use in your daily life, for calming and balancing the mind, your thoughts and aid the removal of fears. Remember; negativity causes your DNA, the coils, to tighten meaning your potential is reduced but when we do the opposite and relax, the coils do the same and we can truly thrive and tap into our highest levels of consciousness. As we change the frequencies of our bodies with gratitude, appreciation and love the results are life altering.

I hope you are having an enlightened and fun filled day, no matter what you are doing, laughter can be brought into so much of our lives and is an amazing 'medicine' for the soul.



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