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Remember to Be Gentle on Yourself

As we enter the New Year tomorrow, please remember to be gentle on yourself when things don't go as planned. Usually things are not going wrong, they are looking to show us a new path or lesson and guide us in a different direction.

When a series of events do not go as we thought or as planned, it is key to step back & see what lesson the Universe is showing us. The New Year always sees us setting resolutions, make sure your list includes more achievable goals alongside the big ones, so that we can keep motivated. 

I have been reminded of the importance of reaching out to others when we find ourselves feeling 'lost' or 'out of sorts'. I had a series of things not workout as I thought, poor weather badly affected my Christmas stalls, my clients were super busy or away this month and revenue has been very low. Before I knew it stress took hold as I became unsure if I can stay in my flat and even London. I love helping others and really believe it is my path, I needed to get using what I teach daily on myself.

Money is energy and we need to envisage that we have more than enough, the more we have the more good we can do in the world. I clearly still need to learn something from struggling because it has been a constant. I took a massive risk starting my businesses and have been glad of this adventure, I will just have to find additional revenue sources fast and start clearing the backlog of payments so I can carry it on.

One of the other side effects I experienced has been a lack of energy and motivation. I am looking forward to the days getting lighter and longer, it is an instant lift in energy levels for so many of us!

Daily helping others to heal and constantly doing self-protection work made the fact I was feeling so stuck more of a shock. One of the main things that have happened is the strength of support of friends and family to remind me how loved I am, I am super grateful for that. Certainly, daily self-reiki sessions and practicing what I teach others on myself has been invaluable. We are all here for a reason, let us live our life purpose as fully as possible.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, I most definitely want to keep teaching and practicing Reiki, it will just be worked around one or two other roles. I guess there is other stuff I need to go and learn or somewhere I need to work that will allow me to enhance their lives, as they will mine. Going out and meeting new people over the last week and I see them notice my energy and healing skills, I am reminded that Holistic Health is my life path. More revenue needs to be generated via lots of new clients or elsewhere though, to allow me to keep helping others heal themselves.

In 2017 I have seen my intuition and skills grow so much, that at times it can feel scary. I am learning to embrace the 'scary' and accept what I see, hear and think when I tune into my intuition. I also took strength from my grandparents, they crossed over a long time ago, but in my darkest moments they let me know that as much as they would love to see me, it is not my time and that I have a job to do here on earth (a few jobs I think to get back on my feet heehee). I think it is key to remember that all of us 'fall down', as we learn more and more life skills, the more tools we have to 'climb back up'.

To heal we must face the world and make the most of our time here on earth. I am excited about all the new lessons we are going to experience in 2018. Lots of manifesting is going to be top of my list as I would like to remain in London. I do hope everyone has an amazing New Year and hope to see some of you soon. Let's make 2018 rock as we flourish into the unique butterflies that we are.




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