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Mental Health & How Reiki Helps

Mental Health is currently a far greater problem than it has ever been, is still not talked about as freely as it should be and has an unnecessary stigma attached to it. Stress levels are inconceivably elevated and the level of pharmaceutical drugs pumped into people higher than ever. A drug 'plaster' is given rather than natural alternatives or discovering the root emotional, mental or physical cause of a dis-ease.

I have written about the many issues with the pharmaceutical industry before but want to go deeper into how Reiki can help with mental disorders. When performing Reiki, Practitioners are a conduit for the universal energy, a channel, that allows the client to heal as positive energy is transferred and negative energy removed. It revitalises the soul, ignites the immune system to heal itself and promotes calmness and relaxation, therefore assisting enormously with depression, anxiety and stress.

Sceptics have even been shocked by the strength of treatments and the amount of relaxation they experience. In the words of a University Professor, after their first treatment with me, "I have never felt so relaxed and calm: in a really deep way. It was an opportunity for me to reflect and focus on my body and mind, together." It is a much more preferred option than taking tablets for the same reason, that then lead to awful side effects, the need to take others to 'balance' the effects and so on.

Each treatment permits the layers of emotions to be peeled away or faced up to and dealt with, to encourage personal growth, realising of the past and brain retraining. It is a two-way street with client and practitioner, sessions remove energetic blockages and the work can continue between treatments by dealing with emotional traumas, learned behaviour's and reviewing thought patterns that cause individuals to see the world a certain way. We are truly 10% what happens to us & 90% how we react and when we apply this 'rule', it causes us to step back and rethink our responses.

Reiki provides relief from all the symptoms of stress, the emotional imbalances and the mood swings and the feelings of being 'out of control' in ones own life. Regular sessions aid with insomnia, sleep is so important when we are feeling out of alignment, for the cell regeneration and strength to work through the mental issues that arise the next day. This amazing energy treatment rejuvenates the bodies metabolism, calms nervous disorders and provides the strength to alter the minds thought processes long term. How we see the world and perceive situations and others, when we are anxious,

Worrying changes nothing, yet that and stress are so prevalent, it is almost as though if you are not overwhelmed, agitated and unhappy then you are not working hard enough. Being stressed is NOT a required feeling to succeed. We must help change societies perceptions and help the next generations make better choices and learn happiness is 'allowed' and THE best way to be!

I love that Reiki is getting greater exposure, offered at more places, a larger number of people (Men, Women & Children) are coming forward to have treatments and to learn how to practice on themselves, others and animals.

Have an amazing weekend.




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