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Preparing for the Planetary Cycles

This Friday sees the full moon in Aquarius and if you are anything like me you will have sensed that it is happening! Highly sensitive people are attuned to the shift in energies with the new and full moons. 

Whenever there is a change to the moon I have a completely different week emotionally (especially mixed with hormonal rhythm!). I have now recorded the monthly dates on my calendar, so I can be prepared and cope with the changes in energy positively and constructively. The moon cycles are perfect for clearing issues and re-evaluating life patterns, we must also remain positive with our thoughts to manifest what we need.

I find it very useful to place my crystals in the light of the full moon, on my window ledge. If you have a garden then placing them outside for the night is ideal. To clean my crystals between the moon phases I wash them with rock salt and dry them off in the sun to re-tune and re-energise them. There are many different ways to re-charge your crystals though, so just find what works for you!

New moons are a great time to begin new projects, contracts, proposals or starting something new as they generate negative ions making us feel better and eager to start new projects! 

Full moons are more personal, emotional and directed inward. The energy is more intense and it is important to be aware of the shift and to remain in touch with our feelings, more so than normal, so we get the most from the changes rather than experiencing a wild lunar ride each month. I am keeping a journal to record my emotional shifts with the lunar cycle to predict any alterations in mood and feelings the following month, so I can plan my life and work accordingly!! The more I learn about the moon's cycles, the more I can prepare and enjoy the phases throughout each month.

Let me know how you get on this week & any particular experiences you have encountered.



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