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Prepare for Saturday's Full Moon

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Supreme energy shifts are approaching, once more, with the 2nd Full Moon (known as a Blue Moon) of this month, in Taurus, at 2.49pm UK (7.49am PST) this Saturday, 31st October 2020. Some of you will already be feeling the discombobulation and uneasy waves of highs and lows this week. Extra protection practices and patience are required to ride the storms of chaos and confusion.

We are experiencing a period of volatile energies, where we are being called to step up our game of healing, releasing, and opening up to the powerful strength of the energies around us (& within us). We are learning a greater perspective of ourselves and how amazingly powerful we are. Spend this week preparing for liberating yourself of all that no longer serves you. Write everything down over the next few days, ready to burn the paperwork, and release it into the river, or out into nature, on Saturday. Healing is a process that continues throughout your life journey but seize this opportunity to open up, awaken and blossom NOW. It is time to change.

Who you truly are is surfacing, you are a powerful soul and the planet needs you to metamorphosis and guide others with the transformations appearing and moulding within and around us. I fully 'woke up' in 2014, the energies are as powerful now as then, many of you are going to join the spiritual train. It is about us ignoring the negative media, writing our own truths and helping others do the same. We do not need to live in stress, in negativity, and in fear of what is to come. It is time to live in a totally different way and manifest all we desire. Events will always throw us off, but bringing ourselves back into balance is our job.

We must increase the love, laughter, joy and compassion we emit, as we become challenged by rage, impatience and negativity. Make the choice to help this world change by improving your individual world and perception of everything. Self-Protection rituals are super important as other will always try and steal your energy and throw you off-guard. Do not let them, it is their healing journey, or lack of it (if they are still resisting) and jealousy and fear will often rise within some, as they see us thrive and become even more magnificent.

Open your intuition; follow your internal guides and the signs from your spirit guides. It is a very exciting time and how much fun you have is down to YOU. Laughter is the only medicine required; call that long lost friend, contact anyone you have been putting off calling and let life flow. Research and learning all that you can, as it will help you to understand the transformation that is occurring. If you have been putting off clearing your thoughts, cleansing your soul and growing to a new level, DON'T wait any longer!

The unfolding of truths, the uncovering of corruption and the clashes of rival factions is about to implode. America is one of the countries where the human 'volcano' is going to erupt. People are right to demand equality, to end the tyranny and abuse of others on a large scale. It all comes to a peak on the 3rd November and the subsequent days as the results go into confusion and the country erupts.

How you thrive with the further challenges the close of 2020 presents is entirely up to you. It is difficult when the energies are so extreme but it is another lesson in your personal strength, ability to throw off others own 'stuff' and learn new coping mechanisms. It is a time of contradiction, not feeling understood and others 'hearing', 'seeing' and 'reacting' in their own unique way. Do not be concerned about their reactions, moods and inability to listen or calm down in the raging energies. Only if you feel angered by another, must you address that which requires healing within you, your thought processes and perception of situations.

Keep up with the daily intentions, setting big goals and visualising them in situ, without worrying about 'how' they will materialise into your world. 'Believe to achieve' springs to have got this. An example of a Full Moon Ritual can be found: HERE.

For assistance navigating the energy shifts and personal growth path, do get in touch. We can do coaching via Skype or In-Person and the same for treatments and my courses. I do not need to be in the same room with you to help you heal energetically and can teach you remotely too. Prepare, plan and enjoy the shifts in energy, as this year draws to a close and we have another strong opportunity to clear negative energy blockages and thought patterns once and for all.



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