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Our Decisions Are Our Destiny

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

We are all, ultimately, 100% in control of our lives, in the HERE and NOW. The stress, chaos and 'urgency' can be balanced in a new way and what went on before 'thrown out'. There are obviously some things outside of our remit, like managing the weather, although we can visualise it as we want it to be, and know that whatever happens is part of our journey. The hours we have each day are extensive, breaking it down, making tick lists, believing we are worth more, are very important.

You choose your daily actions, your purpose in life, your values, your goals, the TV & films you watch, books you read, the people you spend time with, what you eat, how you treat people (same as how you allow them to treat you!) the things you think about, but most importantly how you deal with set backs. Your life, your choice, you are the 'driver' of all the above and learning new ways to manage it all, can significantly change your life TODAY. Consciously you are the responsible person in your world, take actions to do some significant 'brain retraining', the removal of learned behaviours and energy blockages held within, that built up because of the past.

When you are unhappy, unsettled, wanting more, then you can alter our life path, if your desire is strong enough! I do believe that we 'choose' our parents and our path, as hard as that may be for some, it was all part of our lesson to become who we are and teach others how not to be.

"I can't because..."excuses relating to the past or what you 'expect' the future to bring. `If you expect it to be amazing then it will be! We cannot stop people crossing over, disasters happening, others choices, BUT we can choose happiness, expansion and learn to realise our decisions (every minute) are our choice and within our control.

Helplessness, powerlessness - not smart enough, our childhood damaged us beyond repair. Did it really though? You can change your perception, how you feel about life NOW. The past can no longer affect you, unless you let it! There are so many holistic therapies, mindfulness training courses and energy healing practitioners available that it is very possible to not take the route of 'modern medicine' / prescribed drugs but to seek out alternatives. We may have been taught the doctor is the first / most capable port of call but that is no longer true!

"Your life is a result of your daily choices and actions. Your choices and actions are the CAUSE, and the quality of life is the EFFECT" Jon Butcher, Mindvalley Lifebook Mastery

It does not matter when you start, you can do it from now! You choose what you eat, how you live and the thoughts you allow in your world. If you 'dread' life, change it!!! Excuses are your choice, as well as success! Let's stop 'waiting until', 'maybe when', we are not on this planet forever, so lets enjoy the ride that is our life, NOW!!!

Stop wasting your beautiful time on this world, in this physical form, and enjoy life from this moment. Learn to better manage your 'busy' day and improve your priorities. Eliminate all that does not serve you, delegate and automate what you can and reorganise IMMEDIATELY.

As with protecting our energies when we go out, we must 'block out' all that prevents us truly achieving our goals, our life purpose and our levels of enjoyment daily. Breaking down the hours and realising we actually have lots of time available, when we re-manage our life, is vital.

I highly recommend the LifeBook & Lifebook Mastery ‘Be the Author of Your Best Life’ Courses via Mindvalley by Jon & Missy Butcher, created from experience and discovering how to live their best life and sharing it with us all.

Have an amazing day, come and book some Crystal Reiki, or one of my Courses, and let me help you live your greatest life journey.



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