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New Moon Ritual for October

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

The next New Moon is tomorrow, 9th October 2018 an exciting phase of rebirth, new beginnings & turning points in our lives.

Now is a time of growth for our relationships, whether that is friendships, partnerships and how we interact with everyone day to day. A Libra New Moon and it would be great to review your communication with the most important people in your world.

Feelings to focus on include, harmony, gratitude and love (for yourself too!) so we can heal, strengthen and live without fear.

We then more easily attract loving relationships into our lives, with people that want us to flourish, be ourselves and live the life of our dreams. 

Autumn certainly shows us how beautiful it is to let things go, making way for our new goals to be achieved. We must forgive those who have upset, hurt or angered us, so that these feelings do not stop us generating the abundance we deserve! The Universe listens to every negative thought, feeling and action, so be kind to yourself. Let yourself be happy, health and successful. Many people are stuck in the habit of believing the negative, thinking the worse and all these thoughts affect our daily lives. Let's 'choose' happy this month, work on retraining our brain and thought patterns so we can accept and welcome the abundance we are worthy of. 

New Moon Ritual for manifesting our ultimate goals, dreams & next steps in life. Dream Big, aim high & go for gold! Ideally you will need 20-30 minutes (but 5-10 minutes is better than nothing!).

Have to hand:

  • Smudging sticks (White sage is best), Incense, Frankincense or Palo Santo

  • Candles, Lighter/Matches

  • Favourite Notebook & Pen

The Process:

  • Find a quiet space to work through this ritual.

  • Sage the area or burn incense. It is a good idea to also sage yourself, the whole body, in a figure of 8, if you have it available to use.

  • Light your candle(s)

  • Ground yourself, such as a sequence of deep breathes, to bring about feelings of calm & serenity.

  • If you choose, listening to calming, relaxing music can help.

  • Record each New Moon ritual in your notebook, preferably with the date & time, so you can refer back to each months notes.

  • Set intentions, words of your choice. I tend to use "I accept these exciting new developments, people & situations into my life today & believe that everything happens for a reason & for the highest good of all." Then list all your hopes, dreams & desires from one to an infinite number of items, whatever comes to you!

  • It is a wonderful idea to return to the list throughout the month & as you achieve each goal / dream / desire you then re-write the list without this item & also add anything else that has come to mind. Our wants, needs & desires change as our priorities & perspective alters. 

  • A Vision or Mood Board displayed in your home is a great way to starting the manifesting process. I have mine hanging in the kitchen so I am sure to see it every day.

  • Do this every month, with a new list: even if it contains some of the same items, it is key to start a fresh each month. 

Completing this ritual ensures we are in the vibration of abundance and manifesting. We need to visualise and talk as if our dreams are in place NOW. Manifesting is fun, positive & rewarding, enjoy the journey. Focus on your intentions morning and night, so you are in the frame of mind for growth, expansion and exciting new people, situations and adventures. Leave any comments of your own experiences with the moon phases and manifesting your desires. 




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