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Moon Cycle Calendar 2019

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

We are all very much affected by the changing moon cycles and Mercury Retrograde periods each year and it is wonderful so many people are waking up to this. It can be highly beneficial to monitor both new and full phases and see which affects you the most. For me, it is definitely the Full Moon but for some of my friends and clients, it is the New Moon. Record the dates on your calendar, in your diary or journal and make sure you are prepared for your emotions to be higher, more sensitive and, in some cases, aggravated by the cycles.

Tomorrow (6th Jan) is the New Moon with a partial solar eclipse and is set to, once again, shake things up and a powerful time to start something new. Do your ritual (more details HERE) and set your goals for the month, the more planning and prep you do, the more in control you will feel. Combining this with your daily intentions will see you manifesting 'like a boss', as some would say!

The first Full Moon is a Super Blood Moon on 21st January, in Leo, with a total lunar eclipse and will be a time of listening to advice and using what you learnt (including your inner positive voice) to grow further on your life path. Signs are all around you and more will show up in the coming weeks, follow your intuition and you really can thrive as the new year begins. January can be a difficult month for some as it sees the highest divorce rate and the days are still quiet dark too. This means it is extra vital that you work on your own negative internal speech, exercise, learn or do whatever your heart desires so you take further steps to live in the NOW.. Growth, healing and happiness is within your control, you just need to constantly retrain your brain, believe in your abilities and reach for the stars!

To complete a Full Moon Ritual follow the guidance here: Ending 2018 on a High. This can be done monthly or when you feel a need for a release. The New Moon Ritual's involve setting goals for the month (large & small!) to ensure you are aiming high!

UK dates & times:

Full Moon (releasing cycle):

21st January 05:16

19th February 15:53

21st March 01:42

19th April 12:12

18th May 22:11

17th June 09:30

16th July 22:38

15th August 13:29

14th September 05:32

13th October 22:07

12th November 13:34

12th December 05:12

New Moon (goal setting cycle):

6th January 01:28

4th February 21:03

6th March 16:03

5th April 09:50

4th May 23:45

3rd June 11:01

2 July 20:16

1st August 04:11

30th August 11:37

28th September 19:26

28th October 03:38

26th November 15:05

26th December 05:13

For the 3 mercury Retrograde periods of 2019, as always, planning is key! There is a lot more guidance in this blog: Ways to Flourish During Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2019:

March 5 – March 28 (in Pisces sign)

July 8 (in Leo sign) – August 1 (in Cancer sign)

October 31 – November 20 (in Scorpio sign)

I will host various ceremonies throughout 2019, to find out about dates 'Like' the Handserenity Facebook Page & then you will be able to sign up. Spaces are limited & do tend to sell out fast. Good Luck manifesting miracles in 2019, believe and you will achieve!

Don't forget to set a daily intention, big or small, so you complete daily goals and see the growth NOW. Have an amazing 2019, Happy New Year!




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