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Managing Your Ego to Thrive

It is important to check-in with yourself regularly to discover what thoughts you are having that are stopping you from moving forwards. Take time for periods of in-depth, open and honest communication with yourself. We can alter our life path and dis-ease patterns within our families. Often we attract illness and issues to ourselves with our thought patterns so it is paramount we re-train negative brain habits now. Just because a certain ailment was experienced by our relatives, our ancestors, we can adjust and heal our immune systems and overall health. Believe and you will achieve, suggested mantra: "I am healthy, whole & complete".

Ego based thinking includes self-criticism and self-sabotage thoughts, such as 'I am too...(fill in!), 'I am not worthy', "I don't have...". You have all you need and daily gratitude for what you have in your world draws more goodness, luck and happiness to you. When we are 'waiting to be happy when...' or 'I need...', we are living in a mindset of lack which is negative and destructive.

Outdated anger plays a role in egoic thinking too, as we can get caught up in frustrations from past situations, events and relationships with others. A great book to help clear unhealthy aggression is Wings of Forgiveness by Kyle Gray, for releasing the past and acquiring freedom from fear. Do not let fear, anxiety or uncertainty cloud your judgement.

The ego is the unintegrated parts of self that we need to work to 'repair' or let go off to succeed. For those of you that have experienced a time that has caused you to feel like a 'piece of you is missing' I can perform a Soul Retrieval Ceremony for collecting and healing fragmented parts of your soul lost through trauma, shock and life changing events. When traumatic events happen we ‘lose’ some of our essence, a piece of our soul, and it can become separated from us. This can be through trauma either emotional events such as loss of loved ones, abuse or separation and physical events i.e. accidents, abuse and anaesthesia. It is totally understandable and natural that this occurs, similar to fight or flight responses, it is a self-preservation method but can cause blockages stopping us from thriving.

Book out time on your to-do list for yourself and, even better, spend that time out in nature to increase your ability to stay grounded, focused and ready for any challenges that arise. We must not fear what may happen but constantly work to bring our minds back to visualising where we want to be (& therefore where we are going). Knowing that everything happens as it should and all the current events are part of our soul's path, means you can come to terms with difficulties and adapt quicker to changes that present themselves.

Healing from within is life changing, do not allow the ego to battle to make you or another wrong. Release conflict, control over situations and others, and work on 'going with the flow' so that you can watch miracles unfold. Detox the body and the mind to eliminate toxins, improve your immune system and your journey on Mother Earth. We are all amazing beings and can change, grow and thrive, no matter what. If you want help with your journey, do get in touch. Have a great weekend.




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