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Lucid Dreaming by Charlie Morley (Part 1)

The art of becoming fully lucid in your dreams is great to take your life to another level, whilst sleeping. We spend 1/3 of our time asleep & this is a fantastic way to maximise this time! Some use it for fun but the best benefit is for spiritual practice, for guidance and for healing. It is great for connecting to our divine potential and repairing parts of our life that need work.

Lucid Dreaming is about working with our dreams to tap into our full potential in our awakened state. It is when we are fully conscious in our unconscious mind. Charlie Morley started to Lucid Dream at a very young age & for the last six years has taught lucid dreaming throughout the world. He is also a bestselling author with a fabulous ability to bring together both Western & Eastern perspectives on lucidity. 

It is often referred to as dream yoga and happens when we are in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage of sleep. My psychology diploma came in useful whilst learning this new technique! Charlie likens it to hypnotherapy, as this is where a therapist will guide in an aspect of your conscious mind down into the unconscious mind and plant a suggestion of healing intent. We do that when we enter our dreams and plant our wishes, desires and any questions we might have.

"In a Lucid Dreaming you become fully conscious within a huge three dimensional projection of your unconscious mind. In a Lucid Dream your are walking around your own psychology" Charlie Morley.

This then allows anything to be treated with Lucid Dreaming, that you can treat with hypnotherapy. Such as:

  • True potential

  • Physical manifestation 

  • Ask Questions about your future

Charlie takes you through the stages of sleep & how best to learn the art of lucid dreaming for yourself. It is an fabulous, easy to understand guide for all to master. It is key to set an intention before going to sleep such as, 'Next time I am dreaming, I know that I am dreaming' or 'I love Lucid Dreaming, Lucid Dreaming is fun' or 'Tonight I have excellent dream recall'. Then we are clear on our objectives for our time asleep. 

It is about understanding the different dream states and when to best use our sleep time to manifest what we want. The Hypnogogic state is just before falling asleep & the hypnopompic is just before waking, it is the in-between that we are most interested in for this to work.

Any answers within your dreams are actually coming from you, from your own psychology. First Charlie suggests creating a dream plan to discover what you are looking to achieve. It is vital to record your dreams on waking (only briefly is needed) then you can add to the diary throughout the day as you recall more information. The three stages we need to practice are:

#1  Dream Recall

#2  Document your dreams, however you wish

#3  Review the dreams & look for patterns

Further affirmations can be: "show me.... whatever you are looking to discover / resolve / understand", "in my next lucid dream I...." Sketch your dream goals and see just what you can manifest in your waking life. Good luck.

Lucid dreaming is self-regulation within your own mind, as we sleep. To me, it is using our sleep time (1/3 of our lives!!) productively to enhance our spiritual practice & our health & wellbeing. 

After teaching so many people for years, Charlie has found that anyone & everyone can learn to lucid dream.

We are all amazing & I highly recommend both his books & his Lucid Dreaming Course, all from hay House. I am sure there will be more blogs on this topic in the future as it is a continual learning curve. It is certainly another awesome way to expand your time on this physical plane, to manifest your dreams & goals & really live life as you want to. 

Do let me know how you get on / comment below. 




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