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The Magic of Kwan Yin

My Kwan Yin
My Kwan Yin Statue

I was given a stunning statue of Kwan Yin (Quan Yin) some years ago and have always felt drawn to her. Over the last few days, I have been on an exciting adventure to discover more, especially as I was drawn to place her in the main spot on my altar last month. Know that everything gets our attention at the right time and she got my attention, once again, at a stage when I began a further healing journey of growth and when compassion became a focus of mine, when dealing with a family member. Compassion is one of her main traits, along with protection and mercy. She also helps us expand our healing abilities and growth, again important on a personal level.

Originally from Asia, Kwan Yin is now an important deity throughout the world. Often called the Mother Mary of the East, as she represents feminine divinity and goddess energy and is one of the most enlightened beings, a beloved deity both physically and spiritually. Her name means: 'she who harkens to the cries of the world' and 'she who hears prayers' and guarantees protection from harm, an empowering figure of feminine grace and beauty.. The colour associated with her is red. No wonder I love living by and being near water, as that is an indication of her presence, as the quote below explains.

'Rocks, willows, lotus pools, or running water are often indication of her presence. In the chime of bronze or jade, the sough of wind in the pines, the prattle and tinkle of streams, her voice is heard. The freshness of dew-spangled lotus leaves or the perfume of a single stick of fine incense recalls her fragrance' - John Blofeld, Budhisattva of Compassion

Kwan Yin has entered my life to strengthen my capabilities of helping others be the best version of themselves and further grow on my own life path. I am eager to take things to an even higher, more advanced, level of understanding, prosperity and success. Watch this space, changes are occurring daily!

Without previously knowing, the mantra that helps invoke Kwan Yin is Om Mani PadMe Hum.

I constantly use this mantra, even in my house cleansing ceremonies. It helps others attain enlightenment and means 'the jewel is in the lotus'.Beautiful lotuses help us expand and acknowledge and achieve the true nature of being, our true life purpose, our reason for being in this physical form.

Breaking it down further:

  • Om - the sound of creation and all that is, was and will ever be. Om helps us remove our ego and cultivate greater kindness and generosity

  • Mani = Jewel, dissolving jealousy and building patience with ourselves and others

  • PadMe = Lotus and represents wisdom, concentration and perseverance, defuses being possessive and removes prejudices and judgmental thoughts

  • Hum - helps cultivate our innate wisdom and the removal of aggression and hatred. It is steadfast, unshakeable and unmovable. Often used in chants during yoga and meditation

  • Repeating this mantra aids us in removing emotional baggage, invokes the loving and unconditional qualities of compassion, leaving us sparkling from within

The goddess of compassion helps us give and receive love, again something I am looking to expand upon in my personal life. Acknowledging her presence cultivates greater self-assurance, relaxation and, for some, clairvoyance. Kwan Yin definitely benefits our paths to enlightenment and truly waking up (one of my many favourite topics! Even her most common posture, sitting with one foot resting on the surface beneath, the other leg on top of this, both knees bent and one of her arms resting on a knee, is a position known as 'royal ease'. A grounding, loving powerful pose with her eyes looking downward, totally at ease, listening inward and smiling gently.

There is lots more to learn about Kwan Yin and I am now reading 'Discovering Kwan Yin' by Sandy Boucher, so my understanding will continue to expand. and I will come back and update this blog in due course.

Having a stunning day.



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