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June's New Moon

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Amazing that we have entered the sixth month of the year, let's reassess where we are and where we are going NOW. It is never 'too late' to alter plans, make new ones and aim high! Next week's New Moon is in Gemini and we all have our own experiences with each New & Full Moon, depending on our astrology charts, our unique date and time of birth. 

True to the star sign of Gemini though, the main emotion being highlighted is communication! This applies to conversations with yourself and others and the perfect time to review and improve all levels of communication. Speak your truth and remove negative self-talk once and for all, watch how you talk about yourself and situations you encounter. a great way is to try and only talk about the positives. S**te will always happen but focusing on the good parts, the positive stuff can change your whole hour, day, week and year and that of those around you. Following our intuition has to be one of our goals for this month, NO Ego allowed!

We can find ourselves 'stuck' and unable to move forwards yet we could be the ones preventing change! We do not always want to face up to thoughts and feelings that we have been holding on to but now is the time to RELEASE them once and for all! The perfect Crystal for this is Kambala Jasper, the Fear stone, for getting rid of stuff once and for all! Reiki is also the best way to remove 'stuck' emotions and remove old thought patterns.

Watch how you communicate for the next 7 days and make some positive changes. Being happy is a choice, with no matter what is going on around us. Meditating on 'problems' or questions we want to answer often helps us discover the answers for ourselves. We need to be open to listening and actioning the answers. The best time to meditate is when we feel most busy, the results are even greater!

All the usual actions help, walking in nature, taking time for yourself and planning your NEW & existing goals for the month. We must speak the things we want into existence & write them down too. Vision Boards are great ways to do this, Dream - Align - Manifest!

It is highly recommended to embrace some of the other Gemini traits too, like socialising, it is the perfect time to be more outgoing and catch up with people you have not seen for some time. Contact those friends and family that you have just been to 'busy' to find time for recently.

Make a list of a minimum of 10 things - 5 that are easily achievable & 5 that will challenge you & take you out of your comfort zone. 

Here are some New Moon Rituals for manifesting that I recommend for today & during each new moon phase:

  • Ideally you will need 20-30 minutes (but 5-10 minutes is better than nothing!)

  • Have to hand; Smudging sticks (White sage is best) or incense, candles, lighter/matches, notebook & pen

  • Find a quiet space to work through this ritual.

  • Sage the area or burn some incense. It is a good idea to also sage yourself, the whole body, in a figure of 8, if you have it available to use.

  • Light your candle(s)

  • Ground yourself, such as a sequence of deep breathes, to bring about feelings of calm & serenity.

  • If you choose, listening to calming, relaxing music can help.

  • Record each New Moon ritual in your notebook, preferably with the date & time, so you can refer back to each months notes. Set an intention, words of your choice, I tend to use "I accept these exciting new developments, people & situations into my life today & believe that everything happens for a reason & for the highest good of all." Then list all your hopes, dreams & desires from one to an infinite number of items, whatever comes to you!

  • It is a wonderful idea to return to the list throughout the month & as you achieve each goal / dream / desire you then re-write the list without this item & also add anything else that has come to mind. Our wants, needs & desires change as our priorities & perspective alters. 

  • A Vision or Mood Board displayed in your home is a great way to starting the manifesting process. I have mine hanging in the kitchen so I am sure to see it every day.

  • Do this every month, with a new list, even if it contains some of the same items, it is key to start a fresh each month. 

Complete the ritual every month and manifest the new or renewed friendships, situations, adventures and events into our worlds. Let's rewire our brains, our thought process, our habits and go full steam ahead into the second half of the year!

Actual timings for the Gemini New Moon on 13th June 2018:

LONDON: 20.43pm

NEW YORK: 15.43pm

VANCOUVER: 12:43pm

SYDNEY: 5.43am (14th June)




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