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Spiritually Abundant July New Moon

I cannot reiterate enough that now is your most perfect time to awaken spiritually to a whole new level and thrive, during the continuation of the powerful energies for 2020. The huge shifts that began in January will continue for the next six months, with the eclipse energies magnifying our journeys. If you have been drawn to learn and experience a whole new way of living on planet earth then go for it! The New Moon is on Monday 20th July at 18:32 in the UK, a wonderful start to a new week.

The universal energy is here to support, nourish and encourage you. As I have mentioned many times, spirituality was extremely prominent in the world until the dogma of religion took over and those practising it where forced 'under ground', seen as 'weird' and even admonished from society. There is no reason why the two cannot work side by side without the aggression and abuse that some cultures endure.

We are all amazing beings with so much to offer to ourselves, those we love, and the world as a whole. How the energies affect you depends on your actions, desire to build inner strength and belief in how truly fabulous you are. Unleash the passion in your soul, empower and embrace the new beginnings being offered to you.

Outside of our own journey, be very sure to NOT take on the anger, aggression and open protests and violence that will show up for some areas of the world. Long kept secrets will be uncovered and the unpleasant souls trying to force their dangerous and obstructive views on us will be shown for who they truly are. Do not worry about it though, change needs to be forced so the emotionally ugly can no longer control us.

Mother Earth needs you! Whilst teaching a beautiful soul in Kuwait today, I found out, as a whole, the country does not recycle, it is hard to recycle and lots of the recycling companies closed due to lack of use. Wow! Still lots more work to do to protect our planet, further highlighting your mission to follow a spiritual path.

The energies will feel intense, even though it is Goal Setting Time, clear anything that is holding you back, disclose any niggles or frustrations, either on paper or to those involved. Often judgement and anger towards others is a sign that we have something to cleanse ourselves. New beginnings are there for you to grasp. This is a moon cycle of spiritual and financial abundance, allowing money will show up from unexpected sources too. Miracles are coming your way, balance, clear and refresh your energy and enjoy the ride. Be clear on your goals, visualise them in place, as you complete the New Moon Ritual, within 24 hours of the new moon. Select the Crystals you are most drawn too, suggestions for NOW include: Moonstone, Selenite, Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Green Calcite, Serpentine & Clear Quartz.

Remember to keep your frequency high by bringing your thoughts, actions and, therefore, feelings back to positive as often as possible. Call on your resilience, personal courage and desire for more, so that you can transform and flourish. We can change the world one day at a time.



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