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January's Super Moon Ritual

January's final full moon is know as a Blue Moon and incorporates four separate lunar events all in one go, for the 1st time in 150 years. It will rise as a Blue, Super & Blood Moon and include a total eclipse. Star gazers are getting set for an exciting night and the spiritual among us are preparing for a huge release of old habits, thought patterns and anything we feel is 'dragging us down' or hindering a progress to be the best version of ourselves.

A super moon is a moon that is full & that is at or near its closest orbit around earth. It is further referred to as a Blue Moon when two dull moons happen in the same month. It will occur at approximately 4.55pm in the UK and the lunar eclipse will happen during the night, once the moon has passed the earth's shadow. To understand this in greater detail , the NASA Science website is well worth investigating. The eclipse is unlikely to be visible in the UK, those in the Eastern Hemisphere will have the best view!

We all need to prepare for a ritual of emotional release, opening us for greater growth, personal understanding and relaxation, as we remove out dated habits & thoughts. This Full Moon is always a turning point for us. This can relate to relationships, career changes, discovery of our life purpose,  our finances or anything that is of importance to us, exciting times. Be open to new possibilities, watch for signs & synchronicities and see what unfolds. Each moon cycle allows for a time of change, focus and spiritual expansion.

A Sample Full Moon Ritual:

Create a calm, quiet spot either outdoors or in your home, it can be your sacred space.

What you will need (Use what you have available): 

  • Sage or Palo Santo (or both)

  • Candles

  • Lighter & matches  

  • A selection of your favourite Crystals or those you feel most drawn to on the day or ones that represent what you are looking to clear / improve upon. For example: If self-worth & trust is an area of growth then ones that support this, such as Sodalite, Mookaite, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Lepidolite, Aventurine & Bloodstone.

  • Sound chimes / bowl 

  • Pen & Paper

The Process:

  • Light the candles

  • Smudge your home, the area & yourself

  • Ground yourself by feeling the earth under your feet (even if you are not on the ground floor / outside).

  • Visualisation is key here, visibly shake of any tension from your body and begin.

  • Write down that which you wish to release, anything that is bothering you or no longer serving you. These can be people we need to forgive to move on, for example.

  • The pages that you write must then be burnt or release into a river/ stream or buried in the ground within 48 hours of the ceremony. 

  • Let go of old habits & thought patterns as you release the note and visualise a sense of calm enveloping you. This can be in the form of a white light or a Teflon cloak of protection (visualise in your minds eye) surrounding you

  • This process can be repeated during the 24 hours surrounding the full moon. If there are additional thoughts that come up, be sure to list them down & once again burn / set free the list & release any hold it has over you & most importantly, enjoy the process.

Each cycle begins a time of great joy, peace and new adventures, regardless of the negativity going on elsewhere. We can and will control our own worlds and help make the world a better place. Over the next 10 days, begin to build a list of thoughts to release and ideas to take forward into next month. It is always great to write a brief list of goals as each new month begins.

Write down any additional thoughts / feeling / reactions throughout the month, you do not have to wait for each full moon to have an emotional cleanse! The process should always involve the burning / releasing of the words, so that you visualise them 'leaving your world'. 

Please comment or email me any of your own experiences and suggestions, I love to hear from you. Have a wonderful week.




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