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Full & New Moon Calendar 2017

Whenever there are energetic shifts due to the moon cycles then we experience strong emotional periods. It is advisable to print out & keep the dates to hand so you can be aware and more prepared to cope with change in energy positively and constructively. Highly sensitive & empathic people are especially attuned to the shift in energies with the new and full moons. The moon cycles are perfect for clearing issues and re-evaluating life patterns, we must also remain positive with our thoughts to manifest what we need.

New Moons are a great time to begin new projects, contracts, proposals or starting something new as they generate negative ions making us feel better and eager to start new projects.

Full Moon Phases are more personal, emotional and directed inward as the energy is more intense. It is important to be aware of the shift and to remain in touch with our feelings, more so than normal, so we get the most from the changes rather than experiencing a wild lunar ride each month. It is a good idea to keep a journal to record emotional shifts with the cycles to predict any alterations in mood and feelings so you are more and more prepared each month. The more I learn about the moon's cycles, the more I can prepare and enjoy the phases throughout each month.  Cleansing your crystals in the light of the full moon, even indoors on a windowsill, is a very useful process for growth and to clear any blockages.

Full Moon 2017                                                                                

January 12th Wolf Moon                                                                  

February 10th Snow Moon                                                             

March 12th Worm Moon                                                                 

April 11th Pink Moon                                                                        

May 10th Flower Moon                                                                    

June 9th  Strawberry Moon                                                          

July 9th Buck Moon                                                                         

August 7th Sturgeon Moon                                                            

September 6th Harvest Moon                                                       

October 5th Hunter's Moon                                                           

November 4th Beaver Moon                                                          

December 3rd Cold Moon                                                          

New Moon 2017

January 28th

February 26th

March 28th

April 26th

May 25th

June 24th

July 23rd

August 21st

September 20th

October 19th

November 18th

December 18th

Mercury Retrograde 2017

For 2017 it signifies new people, situations and things in our lives and a time of growth and greater spiritual understanding. They will be great periods of transformation and positive challenges to assist our development. As with all Mercury Retrograde Phases be more aware of any form of communication, try hard to take the positive route. All contracts, unless all ready agreed and in motion should be postponed until after each phase is complete and be sure to take care of your own inner well-being and calmness levels.

19th December 2016 -  8th January Earth-sign Capricorn to Fire-sign Sagittarius. A calm composure is needed to deal with challenges in relationships and avoid hasty decisions. Postpone any large purchases until after 8th Jan.

9th April - 3rd May Earth-sign Taurus to Fire-sign Aries. Plans can be thrown 'up in the air' and watch out for additional stress and communication issues. Take action to deal with this additional tension with relaxation time such as meditation, reiki, yoga, qi gong or even listening to music or reading, time spent with yourself is vital.

12th August - 5th September Earth-sign Virgo to Fire-sign Leo. Emotions are heightened and be aware of communication breakdowns and struggles. Take additional time, stay calm and do not react to issues, be the bigger person and preserve your inner calm.

2nd - 22nd December in Fire-sign Sagittarius. Patience and smiling through any complications is the key for this MR phase. Take more time when travelling and be cautious of misunderstandings in your personal and professional life. We can get through anything with love, hope and positivity.

Mercury Retrograde (MR) when in earth signs is a time to be sure to be practical when finding solutions and adhere to time and money limits. Some believe MR is bad and it gets blamed for things going out of control but it can be a very positive time, a time when things that have been eluding you come naturally with very little effort and so are resolved / more forwards.

I am excited about 2017, there will of course be challenges but it is how we deal with them and how we grow from each stage that enhances our present and future well-being.

Happy New Year to Everyone, let's make it amazing. Remember: Our thoughts & reactions create our world. 




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