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Chaotic (yet exciting) Energies this Full Moon

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Our next Full Moon cycle climaxes on 2nd September 2020 at 6.22am (UK), 1.23am (EST), in the sensitive water sign of Pisces. This Moon phase is bringing complex, fast paced energies that are building to a peak in November. A significant time of cleansing and purging our energies, thoughts, actions and the people we surround ourselves with. The past needs to stay right there, behind you! Work through old experiences that are affecting how you perceive all that is happening now.

Reminders of difficult past events appear for us to learn all we can from them and reset our thought processes. August has certainly been a month for cleansing, rebirthing and massive personal changes. Inspired daily action is the best way forwards for all of us. We can reach for the stars and instigate a powerful new way of living in this physical form.

Eris, the goddess of female awakening and of discord, chaos and contention is very present. Divine feminine energies are what we need to succeed right now; men are joining us in connecting with their strong feminine side too. This is to allow substantial compassion, emotional openness and balance within us all. Some may find a loss of creativity and concentration as the energies shake things up but know this is only temporary. Apply great levels of self-care, take extra walks, book more Reiki Energy Healing Sessions, an Intuitive Reading, basically anything that welcomes considerable grounding and balance into your personal sphere.

I have talked a lot about the uncovering of secrets, of corruption being exposed, and large-scale deception being laid bare for all to see. We cannot hide away from this in September, the energies are so super powerful that it is almost going to be like 'no stone is going to remain unturned'. Once the box has been opened, then the revelations will flow and new allegiances formed. We are set to challenge governments, authoritative figures and even the 'aggressive' individuals in our own lives. We are here to thrive not just survive.

Countries such as USA, Lebanon and Belarus are falling apart in order that improved changes can occur. It will not be easy but the breakdown cannot be stopped. The corrupt ruling factions need to be challenged, 2020 energies are super strong ensuring big shifts in the world as we know it. We are allowed to enjoy this life journey, not spend every day stressed out. The natural eruptions are still predicted during the next few months too. The world is getting a massive shake up, freedom is our choice so we can rise above the constraints that some are trying to impose on us.

Planet Mars goes into stationary retrograde on 9th September causing a change in direction and impulsive reactions that we need to turn into strength and courage, so that we are not thrown off by the energies. You are most certainly being called to work on your own divinity and growing your spiritual awakening and personal strength. Pisces is a sensitive and emotional sign and therefore leads the way for more of you to achieve enlightenment. Listen to your intuition, trust the messages that you see and feel and seek help from those already spiritually awake.

The energies are creating the opportunity for greater freedom, success and personal love. Learn to embrace the energies that are all around you, open your heart and mind to new experiences and discover extraordinary ways to ground yourself, protect your energies and embody the synchronicities from your guides. It is a period of activation for your energetic presence, psychic abilities and self-energetic boundaries. A journey of worldwide awakening, exciting manifestations and enlightened vision for many of us, for all we can achieve, is here for us now. We are here to enjoy life in its physical form and take control of our own personal journeys.

Abundance, fertility, self-care and acquiring a new freedom are on the cards. Any one in a relationship that they have been questioning, it is now is a good time to alter your path and welcome extraordinary happiness and fun to your life. Throw out your ego, listen to your heart and laugh often. Power battles can be resolved and dissolved when we expand our thinking and take control of our lives. Do not wait for 'the right time', it is here, it is now, begin moulding your world so that you enjoy life more.

We are here to have magnificent experiences, friendships and respect for ourselves and others, we are all on our own journey. It is for you to decide your path and what differences you can make to the world. It is important to complete the Full Moon Ritual, which you can begin planning for now. Start to write down negative thoughts and feelings, any bad habits you have collect over the years and experiences that you have not fully cleansed from your energy. As we go through life, the past appears as a reminder of what we need to clear and learn from, in order to more forwards stronger and more courageous.

If you want to book an Intuitive Reading or Reiki Treatment to aid your healing journey then email or WhatsApp 44 (0)7949089265. Apply frequent self-care, pull on your resources of patience and compassion, and laugh often. Living in the NOW is the biggest 'job' you have at this time, no worrying allowed!



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