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The Impending Full Moon & Mercury Retrograde September 2021

The next moon cycle peak is on Monday 20th September with the Pisces Full Moon at 4.54pm PDT, 7.54 EST and on Tuesday 21st at 12.54am UK and 9.54 am AEST. Embracing the chance to write down, burn, and release into a river or a park all that no longer serves you is highly advised. It is going to be a powerful one and this week many of us are already experiencing the effects. The imaginative, emotionally sensitive and dreamy traits of the water sign of Pisces are at the forefront. Allow yourself to dream, visualise (in your mind's eye or add to your vision board) that which is most relevant to you now. You can manifest at wonderfully humongous degrees, all you need is the strong belief in your heart and watch the miracles unfold.

The energetic frequencies are expanding and amping up beyond anything humanity has ever seen or felt and I am sure lots of you are feeling it. Things are happening with lightning speed when you tune to the energies, set strong intentions and believe in yourself. Your ability to upgrade, thrive in chaos and revolutionise your life is extremely high. Tuning into and working with your intuition is your trump card so that you follow your inner guidance rather than that of the mass media and frightened souls. It is crucial to turn off the news and it is very empowering to no longer fear and worry about that which we cannot change. We must work extra hard to distance ourselves from the troubles of the world, as we cannot alter the devastation and destruction and allowing it to drain our energy is a waste of time and effort. Chuck fear in the 'f**K it' bin, worry does not alter the outcome, step into your power and trust in yourself fully. We can manifest and transform at magnificent speeds and release old emotional patterns at the drop of a hat...nothing has to take as long as it used to and the energies are proving that tenfold.

Exciting times, especially for those open to living outside of the 3D world, away from the unnecessary stress, fear and drivel pumped out in the mainstream media. Please complete the Full Moon Releasing Ritual so that you can remain balanced, to aid you in clearing blockages and assist you with resetting your thoughts.

For those of you more spiritually awake and opening up to the energies, the alterations can have physical effects. Know if you have been feeling unusually alert, extremely tuned into your intuition and very motivated that your DNA is upgrading, your energy frequency is changing. Some of us have felt odd, discombobulated but unsure is the energy shifts, talk to like-minded souls, as many of us are going through changes too.

A Recipe from an international herbalist for the cure of the symptoms of that disease and the effects of the current energy shifts…

  • Add Rosemary to a little bit of water and boil it

  • Once it is boiling, take it off the heat and add half a cut onion (antiseptic and antiviral)

  • Add in food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide (or Eucalyptus or Tea Tree oil)

  • Take a Towel – cover yourself for 7-8 minutes and inhale the cleansing, healing energy

Mercury Retrograde (MR) is unfortunately once more heading our way, 26th September - 18th October and you should allow for a shadow period of a few days before and afterwards, as the impact of chaos and catastrophe can still be prevalent. Finding ways to navigate when life requires you to complete contracts and make purchases inside the timeframes of this energy upheaval is going to be a struggle but all happening for a reason, more lessons to strengthen your power and resolve. Mercury Retrograde is a time of miscommunication, crossed wires and a 'pot of confusion' that challenges us over and above what we normally experience. Add into the mix possible technological complications and a super strong need to work on our anxiety levels, that can be heightened now, and it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Each MR period brings changes to plans so I recommend being highly flexible, embrace the uncertainty and book those extra Reiki Sessions or whatever healing modality you use to remain calm, centered and balanced in chaos. Do not sign any big contracts, buy or sell any big purchases or undertake any new agreements, unless they have been in the pipeline and the terms planned already or unless your intuition is 1000% sure, remember you know best! It is ideal if you can schedule in less important tasks during MR but the universe may have other ideas for you. There are some positives of MR as it brings up unresolved issues from the past to allow you to discover a resolution, once and for all, so that next MR will be lighter for you! Keep your eye on the end goal, not the pain of the healing on the way there and it will help massively. Opportunities to heal are arriving by the bucket load so face them, work through them and enjoy resolving them. Another reason it is super important to complete the Full Moon Ritual.

The energies we are experiencing are asking that we embrace our uniqueness, stand up for what we truly believe in and become our authentic selves. Planetary changes, humanity upgrades and energy downloading by enlightened souls is all happening at a super-fast rate. It is an intriguing time of change as the structures that have been in place for many years are no longer serving this human evolution. A friend mentioned the other day that spirituality gets forgotten in her world when she is busy, spirituality is self-care and super important right now (and always). The timeline of earth is metamorphosing and the vibration you give out affects your success levels...vibe high and enjoy the new world. If you want guidance, soothing treatments or any of my services to deep dive into your past, to retrieve the missing parts of you or to learn reiki energy healing then message me.



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