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Are You Ready for Monday's Energy Shifts?

Over the next five months we are going to continue to experience strong, dynamic energy shifts as the rebirthing of human kind continues, so get prepared, protect your energy and laugh often. It is vital to complete the Moon Rituals twice a month to maximise working with the natural energies the universe provides us with and to ensure we thrive. Many more of you are awakening daily and realising that we are more than the five senses. Tune into your intuition, visualise your wildest dreams and get manifesting!

The Full Moon in Aquarius is on Monday 3rd August at 4.58pm, release all that bothers you, break down any blockages and rebalance your chakras regularly. It is a time of awareness, transformation and the challenge of power within many countries, America is a huge example of this, it is time for change but this can be painful and disruptive. Sometimes things need to internally 'combust' in order to transform, grow and improve to a new level of wonderfulness. We have the power to realign ourselves so that we can remember balanced, no matter what is going on outside of us. To help yourself with this book monthly Reiki Treatments email or sign up for the Regular Reiki Scheme.

It is time to upgrade your DNA, my 528HZ Tuning Fork Sound Healing is helping many of you when combined with Reiki Energy Healing sessions. Whatever has gone on before, no matter what dis-ease or trauma your family has come across, YOU are now being called to alter your path, reset your genes and break the cycle of patterns.

Complex energies are showing up to shake us up, it is turbulent for us all but much needed so we can metamorphosise and, almost, fully break down so that we can rebuild our personal world journeys. Shocks are evident within politics, with corruption being uncovered and how we live transforming. The food chain is evolving, growing your own has never been more popular and so encouraging. It is another massive sign to stand on your own two feet, choose to no longer rely or believe the societal bullshit we are being 'feed'. You do not need pharmaceuticals, to fear what is to come, or listen to the hyped up 'news'. Turn it off! The stronger you build your immune system with positivity, holistic practices and the nutrition you consume, the greater you will shine and flourish. It is about giving yourself the 'tools' to be strong and handle the waves of energy that are going to continue to occur. We have got this, we are all amazing. Learn to heal from within, heal from past hurts, negative drama and release the limits that are holding you back.

Those already on the spiritual journey, call in the galactic beings that are here to support us all. Talk to your spirit guides, ask for signs of guidance and clarity around decision making and allow your intuition to surface constantly. The ego has no place here. Complete a

daily gratitude journal, make the changes you have been putting off, such as new job, home, friendship circles, if you feel any of these block your way.

August is a month of abundance, luck and goals coming into fruition... YOU can achieve anything. Believe it in your heart, do the spiritual 'work' and enjoy the further building of a fabulous world community, coming together to create a new world together. It is a period of truth, clarity and dislocation of that which needs to shift and change.

Happy manifesting and transformation, it will be a powerful month of change and growth for us all. Set daily intentions and apply more self-care than ever before.



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