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Phenomenal Energy Shifts this Full Moon Friday

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

This Friday, April 19th, we will be experiencing a Rare Double Libra Full Moon, which will see everything change! Rare in the sense that we have had two Libra Full Moons in a row and seen many of the associated emotions of this star sign showing up. Now we are most definitely at a catalyst of alteration for ourselves, and the world as a whole, very exciting indeed. Super interesting that the most recent New Moon was in Libra's opposite sign of Aries, just to shake things up! Common Traits of Libra is relationships, are often highly social, love finding balance (as the image of the scales show!), launching new ventures and seekers of peace.

I am guessing you have recognised mad, crazy energies all around you and with the situations you have found yourself in, these past few days, even weeks. I have had clients alter stuff last minute, brand new ones turn up constantly and similarities in their rebalancing issues and, even, their names! I had double names again today and yesterday, it is quite amazing! I usually have a series of problems that are very closely related between strangers. Often a bit of a pattern occurs, but never before with such duplication.

It would be interesting to know what you have felt, seen and recognised going on for you personally. I have had highs and lows and now feel I am riding the crest of a wave of excitement, new beginnings and pure joy! Almost every one of my business services have been required this week, Soul Retrieval Ceremony, Teaching Certified Reiki, including my Refresher Workshops, Tarot Readings, House Cleansing, Human Reiki and Animal Reiki. My six weekly Reiki Shares with fellow Reiki Practitioners happened to fall today too and was much needed in this rollercoaster ride of emotions happening for us all NOW.

Rare Pink Libra Full Moon
Rare Pink Libra Full Moon

We talk about rebirth a lot during Spring, these next few weeks can see you manifest, relaunch all that makes your heart sing & 'come to life' in a grand way. As long as you believe, you will achieve! Daily intentions & positive affirmations allow the universe to hear you talk about it as if it has happened and watch the magic unfold!

The vital key is going to be to stay grounded, be intuitive in your thoughts and let the energy changes guide you to whole new levels you, potentially, did not truly feel possible. New beginnings, for so many of us, whether that is personally, our working lives and/or with our relationships (friends & family) is happening, let it! Take care of you first and your positivity will be contagious to all those you encounter.

Remember to take risks and trust yourself, the energies and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be, as you blossom in new ways, almost, far beyond your imagination (although deep down you know it is meant to be!).

The Crystals to help balance your energies during these developments are: Larimar, Moonstone (new beginnings), Selenite, Black Tourmaline (ward off negative of others & off situations & old habits), Jasper Kambaba (no fear) & Clear Quartz (the Master Healer & the bigger the better for this one!).

Larimar • Wisdom • Clarity • Manifestation, a rare serene crystal that promotes relaxation and calm, reduces anxiety of all forms, is great for removing Self-Sabotaging behaviour’s & victimising thoughts. Known as the Atlantis Stone, as it is the embodiment of the tranquil Sea & Sky. It brings the healing powers of dolphins to harmonise the body & soul. It forms in cavities within lava created by volcanic eruptions. I have a couple of Larimar on the website, hopefully you have all the others, if not get in touch and we can organise a mini shopping visit to my Reiki Room.

As always, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Qi Gong, Gong Baths, walks in nature and doing what you love, all aid the flourishing strategies so that you thrive. Happy manifesting, always good to complete the ritual, below is only a guide, follow your intuition and use what you have available.

Full Moon Ritual:

  • Create a calm, quiet spot either outdoors or in your home, it can be your sacred space/ altar area.

What you will need

  • Sage, Palo Santo or Frankincense (or a combination of them all)

  • Candles & Lighter or matches  

  • A selection of your favourite Crystals or those you feel most drawn to on the day or ones that represent what you are looking to clear / improve upon. For example: If Self-Esteem is an area of growth then try these: Moonstone, Orange Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Citrine, Cinnabar, Malachite, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Sunstone

  • Sound chimes / bowl 

  • Pen & Paper

The Process:

  • Light the candles

  • Smudge your home, the area & yourself

  • Ground yourself by feeling the earth under your feet (even if you are not on the ground floor / outside).

  • Visualisation is key here, visibly shake off any tension from your body and begin.

  • Write down that which you wish to release, anything that is bothering you or no longer serving you. These can be people we need to forgive to move on, for example.

  • The pages that you write must then be burnt or release into a river/ stream or buried in the ground within 48 hours of the ceremony. 

  • Let go of old habits & thought patterns as you release the note and visualise a sense of calm enveloping you. This can be in the form of a white light or a Teflon cloak of protection (visualise in your minds eye) surrounding you

  • This process can be repeated during the 24 hours surrounding the full moon. If there are additional thoughts that come up, be sure to list them down & once again burn / set free the list & release any hold it has over you & most importantly, enjoy the process.

Show gratitude every day for all you currently have, embrace the new opportunities, take the action and welcome the magic into your world. Super exciting so many people are 'waking up', throwing out stressing and enjoying TODAY. We cannot change the past and worrying about the future never alters the outcome, so stop it now! Adjust the negative 'what if's' to those 'wow, what if' moments visualising your greatest dreams.



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