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Fabulousness of Yoga

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

In celebration of the Summer Solstice this week, I was fortunate enough to experience a beautiful early morning yoga Sun Salutation in the park opposite my house. Not only was the sun rising as we practiced, the session was FREE & it is something they are going to look to do regularly, as part of the Regeneration of Marble Hill Park Project. Very exciting as stretching on the grass, out in nature really seemed to strengthen the practice & allow us to feel completely at one with nature. 

Yoga is such a beautiful practice that creates a sense of peace, well-being, emotional stability & clarity of mind. It designed this word map for my sisters Yoga website recently and it sums it up perfectly!


As well as the emotional and mental clarity achieved, it is great for building strength, shaping the body & for weight loss. It aids self-development, self-realisation & spiritual growth. I use video's by Sadie Nardini on YouTube, that are awesome & do attend classes locally. Recently I experienced my first Hot Yoga and I have to say it definitely reduces the muscle aches / over stretching that can occur when I have not practiced for a while. I shall be trying it again soon, it is we worth at least on try!

Further health benefits include increased flexibility & agility and improved functionality of the digestive, hormonal, circulatory & respiratory systems. It really is a fabulous life tool for looking after yourself and going into 'old' age with added vitality, flexibility and strength that can see you overcome and remove the 'usual' issues associated with being on this earth for some time. We are not encouraged to look after ourselves on a large scale, as illness and disease are such big business, hence the lack of 'cures' and pharmaceutical companies are so lucrative. 

The wonderful practice of breath control, calming the mind and balancing the body created by bringing yoga into your daily life is incredibly beneficial in so many fabulous ways. It is most certainly NOT just another exercise program it is a deeply spiritual, life changing discipline that I do hope more people include daily.

Yoga quotes from the brilliant Bringing Yoga to Life by Donna Farhi:

"Having arrived in paradise, they still felt like hell." To put this in context, once people get on holiday they realise they still feel unbalanced, as you cannot run away from your own self, your own thoughts & your own mind.  

"Yoga is a technology for removing the illusory veil that stands between us and the animating force of life."

Have an awesome week & as always, comment/ share and let me know your experiences with this amazing healing technique.



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