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Explaining Energy Blockages To Kids

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

When teaching Reiki Level I to kids, performing a treatment on them or when I do a House Cleansing with children present, I am always drawn to help them better understand energy and how it affects us and the process of removing stagnant energy from ourselves and our environments. Energy is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies, the combination of light, sound, frequency & vibration & it is in everything.

It gets 'stuck' within us, some refer to this as ’pockets of pain’, and within our homes, cars and everywhere, and teaching children (& us all) ways to frequently remove the negative, stale energy greatly improves the quality of life. Frequent energetic cleansing of ourselves & our surroundings should be a constant habit, the same as cleaning our teeth or drinking your daily water allowance. Smudging clears the negative vibrations, purifies the air, removes bacteria & viruses, helps relieve symptoms, improves energy levels, sleep and even the mood of the occupants! Crystals & Himalayan Salt Lamps cleanse and boost energy levels.

Energy flows through all living things, animals, plants, trees and people and it sustains and nourishes us and increases the body's natural self-healing. It is everywhere, in the light from the sun, plants turn sunlight into useful energy so that they can grow, Solar Panels use it to generate electricity, drinking water gives us energy.

Dictionary Definition: Energy = the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. A persons physical and mental powers.

We naturally take on emotions and energy from others, especially those of us who are more sensitive and empathetic, and so it is vital as many people as possible learn (and teach others) how energy daily affects our worlds. One example: A child sees someone who is very upset, they can then feel upset too, out of sympathy and because they absorb the sad energy from the other person or animal.

Each time we meet someone we exchange energy.

  • If you are both happy then there is a neutral exchange

  • If you become angry, then the other person can steal your energy

  • If the other person gets angry at you, then you are stealing their energy

  • Keeping calm is the best option

When our internal channels become blocked it interrupts the flow of energy within us, and so regular clearing is very important. If you find you or those around you get tired lots or easily then it can be good to get Crystals to ward of the EMF from computers, phones etc and stones to revitalise the energies in your environment. Good examples include Labradorite, Black Tourmaline and Shungite and there are a lot more descriptions here: A-Z of Crystals.

Reiki, when translated, means 'Universal or Spiritual Energy' and works with the universal energy (that is all around us) to remove internal energetic imbalance and emotional build-ups that occur as we go through life. The challenges we experience, the negative 'learned' behaviour's and thought patterns, cause the flow of energy within us to be stifled and unless we take actions to remove them, the build-ups, can lead to illness & diseases. As the energy blockages are removed we then restore emotional, physical and mental balance to the body, mind and soul and stimulate the bodies own natural healing abilities.

Treatments stimulate and ignite the immune system to work to heal the body hence why regularly working to remove the stuck, negative, destructive energies from the body is key. I certainly see the greatest difference in those who come regularly for sessions. One young lady has been coming monthly for a year and the emotional and physical transformation has wonderful to witness! Reiki clears the blockages and the more the client works with me to retrain the brain and change the thoughts, the greater the results. This is another reason Reiki is practised at hospitals and Treatment Centres throughout the world, including on the children at Great Ormond Street in London.

As it works to restore balance, Reiki also helps to relieve stress & anxiety, promote relaxation, strengthen wellbeing and ease pain, increase awareness and personal growth.

if you have any further descriptions or experiences, please comment below. Understanding the importance of energy and working on and with the energies, within and around us, has life transforming effects on you, your dependants and all you interact with.



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