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Ending 2018 On A High...

This is a tremendously exciting week with the very powerful Full Moon approaching on Saturday 22nd December, following the cleansing and renewal of the Winter Solstice on Friday 21st. Take some time in your busy schedule this week to embrace all that these energy shifts bring to your world, to prepare for the changes and so that you can fully benefit, as the year comes to a close.

Let's start with the Winter Solstice, the longest night and shortest day of the year, that starts the journey to lighter, longer days (slowly but surely!). It does mean that many of us should get a good glimpse of the Full Moon during the longer night. The two events will next coincide with each other in 2094, so it is a particularly magical time over the next few days to start planning our goals, intentions and dreams for 2019 and making the most of this time to make changes, increase our growth and truly tune in to our intuition and inner voice (the positive, go-getting internal chatter NOT the negative ego though!).

Learning Lucid Dreaming allows greater dream recall for growth.

The longer night allows more time to tune into your subconscious mind, to admit your greatest desires and put them into action on waking Saturday morning. Remember to keep a pad and pen handy to write down all that you recall, during the night and when you rise.

This enchanting time calls us to reflect on all that we have achieved, anything we need to carry over for our 2019 to-do list and plan our goals to soar into the New Year ready to manifest greatness for ourselves and all those that enter our world!

As always, the Full Moon is the perfect time to release all that no longer serves you, all that angers you, upsets you and is holding you back. It is at it's peak at 17:48pm in the UK and you can perform the ceremony within 24 hours either side, so for double impact this year combining it with the winter solstice on Friday will be truly magical.

Many of us feel the energy shifts around the times of the full and new moons, and more and more of us recognise the need to prepare and release each cycle. The 'problem' this time is that our emotions are already heightened by the stress, tension and extra work the festivities bring, so we need to be super conscious of our feelings, reactions and thoughts. Imagine that what ever feeling you focus on will intensify, so frustration can turn to anger but on the same not happiness can lead to extreme.

I know I have personally been working very hard to manage my emotions this week and not over think or over dramatise others reactions / moods and communication levels. You are 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react, so a top tip is to print the below and keep it somewhere where you will see it daily! I certainly feel the exaggerated emotions of the full moon, some of my clients find the New Moon as more of an issue. It depends on your star sign, year of birth and personal make-up. Another top tip is to not make any impulsive decisions, because there success can be limited when we decide in haste and when emotionally overwhelmed.

This Full Moon has a strong Cancer influence, further encouraging you to open your hearts and minds. Super important YOU are in tune with your feelings as emotions are so highly charged and so that you remain calm and collected (if at all possible at this time!) as heightened feelings rise and the below message becomes even more relevant!

This season and the impending energy changes are creating such a highly charged time offering you the ability to set your goals for 2019, discover new ways to react to others, especially those who are used to perceiving you in an old way / differently because you often only interact face-to-face once or twice a year and some are 'stuck' seeing 'you' as you were many years ago. YOU can rise above the emotions of others, be true to YOURSELF and know you continue to grow and change. Others in your world get to join the journey NOW or put of fully communicating with you at their lose and their mistake, as we are not eternal and our time together is not forever! YOU can challenge what used to seem like barriers and blocks and break them down to accomplish the most amazing life journey in 2019.

Print & Pin this in a prominent place.

A Sample Full Moon Ritual:

Create a calm, quiet spot either outdoors or in your home, it can be your sacred space/ altar area.

What you will need (Use what you have available): 

  • Sage, Palo Santo or Frankincense (or a combination of them all)

  • Candles & Lighter or matches  

  • A selection of your favourite Crystals or those you feel most drawn to on the day or ones that represent what you are looking to clear / improve upon. For example: If Self-Esteem is an area of growth then try these: Moonstone, Orange Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Citrine, Cinnabar, Malachite, Hematite, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Sunstone

  • Sound chimes / bowl 

  • Pen & Paper

The Process:

  • Light the candles

  • Smudge your home, the area & yourself

  • Ground yourself by feeling the earth under your feet (even if you are not on the ground floor / outside).

  • Visualisation is key here, visibly shake of any tension from your body and begin.

  • Write down that which you wish to release, anything that is bothering you or no longer serving you. These can be people we need to forgive to move on, for example.

  • The pages that you write must then be burnt or release into a river/ stream or buried in the ground within 48 hours of the ceremony. 

  • Let go of old habits & thought patterns as you release the note and visualise a sense of calm enveloping you. This can be in the form of a white light or a Teflon cloak of protection (visualise in your minds eye) surrounding you

  • This process can be repeated during the 24 hours surrounding the full moon. If there are additional thoughts that come up, be sure to list them down & once again burn / set free the list & release any hold it has over you & most importantly, enjoy the process.



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