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Challenging Times

This weeks challenge has been remaining positive when something so wrong, so awful and disgusting occurs. I do not like to write about negativity but events recently have questioned my whole being.

"Change your thoughts, change your life", "`Everything happens for a reason", "Something does not go away until we have been taught all we need to know" - Really?? When a gentle, mindful soul is violated by a revolting physical form how does all the previous quotes remain true?  

I often thought, I do not want to be part of a religion or any form of belief system, because when something bad happens your whole ideals are challenged. I know what is happening is all part of the further growth of my spiritual journey, but why?? How dare he! My spirituality and belief that the Universe loves us all has been called into question. How can one soul do such a terrible thing. By following her instinct and trying to help another person, who was clearly in need of care, my friend was so badly attacked that it is beyond comprehension. Thankfully she is one brave soul and will get through this and do all she can to ensure a similar incident does not happen to another. We will support her through this next stage in her life and he will remain locked up in institutions, similar to that from which he escaped, she will come out of this stronger and more at peace with the world, it will take some time and forgiveness but she will get there, of that I am sure.

I will come back to this later, learning to stay strong in adversity and BS is my task for this week.

Love & Light


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