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Finding Your Balance During the Challenging Energy Shifts

Updated: May 24, 2019

We are currently being tested to the max with the energies, retrogrades, moon cycles and the exciting number of people becoming more spiritually awake and learning to live their best life. You will find it is bringing up obstacles, unexpected challenges and new lessons. Please be sure to go with the flow, protect yourself daily and work through what needs to be cleared.

The personal energy shifts are as well being impacted (good & bad) by the three Retrogrades & the build up to next Saturday's Full Moon. The Retrogrades:

  • Jupiter (ends 11th August, 123 days) is creating beneficial effects, expanding our abilities and success at completing projects / goals (including financial success).

  • Pluto (till 2nd October) is always intense and forces you to look at anything that has been simmering below the surface of your life, your thoughts and your tasks. Rebirth is a common theme as we transform further to be our true authentic selves.

  • Saturn (ends 18th September, 142 days), the planet of justice & another beneficial planet aiding fulfilment of your current to-do lists. Put your best foot forward, work hard (but happy) and see tasks as already in-situ, visualisation is a powerful tool!

Review all you have achieved so far in 2019 and aim high for the coming months! Fantastic opportunities, positive growth periods and a time of lasting change. Clear out the old and make way for the new (including your cupboards at home), declutter your thoughts, things and personal priorities.

We are being inspired to confront complex, awkward emotions and relationships. Holding your own is key, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Heal from within first, before you can tackle others thoughts, feelings and perceptions.

It can be worth investigating new / enhanced tools to assist your balance, piece of mind and perception of this world. As always, we are 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react. I talked last week about how situations and others perceptions of you can affect your self-worth, self-love and confidence. The main thing is to believe in YOU, know your own strengths and weakness and work on all that needs improvement. There are so many resources, courses and healing modalities that can be advantageous to your further growth, healing and wellbeing. Just be sure to 'get out of your own way', don't hold yourself back, dream HUGE & take the actions needed to live your your true life purpose.

Happy balancing, growing and retraining your brain, body and abilities. We are all amazing!



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