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April's Mystical Supermoon

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

We are welcoming another miraculous shift in energies this Wednesday, 8th April at 3.35am (UK), with the arrival of the next Full Moon, set to be the biggest and brightest of 2020 and a Supermoon too! The 2nd Supermoon of the year and they occur when the Moon is at its closet point along its orbit to the Earth, I do hope you have been enjoying sightings of it already, last night it looked amazing! I took part in the mass world meditation / healing that happened at 3.45am yesterday (Sunday 5th April), sending reiki energy out into the planet to aid with the altering of the vibration and third eye activation of so many souls that are achieving enlightenment and a more spiritual way of living. There is going to be a multitude of you all investigating, learning and growing and this month in particular!!!

I talked about the first full moon of the year setting the energies for 2020 and now know the big conjuncture between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn on 12th January is associated with massive historical world events; World War I, the Great Depression and 911. This therefore triggered permanent planetary changes, personal growth and transformation far beyond we could have imagined. Saturn is about restriction and Pluto intensifies all it comes into contact with and my goodness we are experience just that! Please take this time to widen your understanding of the multidimensional sphere, higher consciousness and living beyond the 5 senses and we really can revolutionise the world together.

Thursday's Full Moon is also known as the Pink Moon, named by Native Americans after an early blooming wildflower called Phlox Subulata (Moss Phlox), as spring begins flourishing, and we can too. The clock changes, and therefore longer days, here in England, are bringing a lift in spirits. Be aware they shake up our sleep patterns and mood, most often for the better; it is just a time when your body clock resets and renews for the new season.

For all my fellow empaths out there, double up your self-care practices and protection work, so we can continue to help others be the best version of themselves. We must work constantly to throw out / off of ourselves, the great sadness and fear others are perpetuating and carrying with them. We cannot fix them all but can certainly help many with our strength, balance and desire to learn new ways on further improving our life path and passing the positivity and lessons onto them. I am super grateful that I am performing Distance Reiki Treatments, Teaching souls via Skype about Reiki, Crystals and starting their Spiritual Journey and it is truly wonderful so many are taking this time to ensure they thrive in the new world.

Do get in touch if you want help during this time of great metamorphosis, those that have already begun a spiritual journey are here to support you. Things are not happening as we expected but as we surrender to all that is happening then miracles can occur. Take lots of care of you and your loved ones, accept all that is, we have got this!



+44 (0)7949089265

Suggested Full Moon Ritual

As always, allow your intuition to guide you:

Preparation Tools

Sage, Frankincense, Incense, Palo Santo, Oils or any combination you choice

Sound chimes or a sound bowl; Candles + Lighter or matches; Pen & Paper

A selection of your favourite Crystals, pick those you feel most drawn to on the day and that represent where you want to get to, what you want to let go of and all you are now manifesting

The Process:

Light the candles & smudge the area where you are performing the ritual & yourself

Ground - by feeling the earth under your feet (even if you are not outside).

Visualisation is key; visibly shake off any tension from your body before you begin.

· Write down all that needs releasing

The pages should be burnt and released into a river/ buried into the ground within 48 hours of the ceremony

**Remember to cleanse, charge & activate your crystals with the intention you have chosen for this full moon cycle**


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