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Amazing benefits of one Green drink a day!

Smoothies are pure nutrition, quick to prepare and (can) taste delicious. I tend to focus on the goodness rather than the flavour, as I have to do every day when I take my apple cider vinegar, a very interesting taste! They are a positive way to start your day, fill you up and give you energy throughout the day.

The health benefits depend on the fruit and vegetables used and their own vitamin content. Most are high in vitamins A and C and there are lots of books and recipes online to help.  Being able to throw everything into a blender, or something like a Nutribullet, means a quick, nutritious meal any time of day!

Ingredient ideas are spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, watercress but any leafy green vegetables work! To ‘sweeten’ the flavour, use bananas, apples, pears, avocado, pineapple and various seeds, such as chia, flax and pumpkin. As the whole fruit and vegetables are used you get all the fibre, further adding to your digestive system and weight loss.

These Smoothies are also fabulous for getting children to eat all their greens (without them even realising!). They can be fun to make and everyone can get involved.

Although there are many set recipes, you really can add your favourite mixture or whatever is available in the fridge!

Some tips:

  • Using frozen fruit creates an instant chilled smoothie!

  • Organic products are best, if available

  • Smoothies can be made in advance and stored in the fridge

  • Adding 2 types of fruit aids the overall flavour

One a day will improve your mood, concentration and wellbeing. Let us know your favourite recipes! 

​Have a great week!


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