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  • Crystals for Hormone Balance

    For men, it awakens emotional expression Smoky (SQ) + Rose Quartz (RQ) for increasing unconditional love Anger, Worry and Self-Doubt, that surface due to the imbalances our body can go through include Clear Quartz

  • New Moon in Cancer June 2022

    People are rebelling and rising above the commotion of the world, which is magical. Rise above the 3D Dramas or remain 'asleep' to the intentional fear, as always, your choice. and New Moon Energies are Dragon Stone (Patience), Gold Sheen Obsidian, Selenite, Shungite, Lemurian, Rose Quartz, and Blue Apatite (for resting your appetite for life).

  • Energy News + New SuperMoon in Aquarius Jan 2023

    motivation; Black Tourmaline - removing negativity; Tiger's Eye for abundance + self-esteem; Clear Quartz to amplify positive energies; Lemurian Quartz - raise your vibration + Rose Quartz for increased self-love Lots of quartz energies this month but, as always, pick that which you are most drawn to and carry them

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