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  • Navigating The Energies of Mercury Retrograde

    Crystals that are excellent for helping us manage patience are Dragon Stone, Emerald, Lepidolite, Angelite

  • Crystals by Month for 2020

    Celestite, a beautiful angelic stone, that is wonderful for spiritual development and emotional protection August Selenite is one of the angel stones that promotes clarity of mind and enables strong decision-making Angelite is calming and soothing, relieves tension, anger and stress and aids inner peace. For spiritualists: it aids communication with the higher realms, angels and spirit guides.

  • New Deck Review: Angels & Ancestors

    The brand new Angel & Ancestors Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, with Artwork by Lily Moses is a beautiful deck The title of the deck explains everything, as we work with our Angels & Ancestors to learn, grow and open up to provide readings for yourself and others that bring messages from our ancestors and the angels Cards are: Air, Animal, Direction, Earth, Fire, Guardian Angel, Heart, Magick, Medicine, Mirror, Protection These are the Angels of the deck that offer us insight and information.

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