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Quantum Still Point Breathing

Learning this form of breathing expands our consciousness, our ability to further increase our DNA strands, and connect with the Universe as a whole, on a higher level than ever before. It helps us enhance the quantum crystalline field, the grid around the earth, helping others upgrade at the same time as we transform Mother Earth for the mass evolution of humankind. As you vibe super high, it emanates out to all whom you come into contact with, every minute of every day.

Still Point Breathing is metamorphic, it is a stillness within your field that provides a magical level of centredness, grounding and enhancing of your personal power and love levels. As we learn this, and many of the other skills that we are re-remembering, we are expanding the awakening of consciousness exponentially. It is a technique that will be built upon and developed on the weekly live streams by David, via channelling of the Elohim. We have a still point in the breath at the top, bottom and middle. 

By practicing this process, we are connecting and activating our Infinity Point, our direct portal of connection with the infinite source of all that is, providing us with access to pure creation. Literally 'turning on' the point within us that would have previously gone beyond our mind's understanding, until now.  We had lost contact with the ability to breathe energetically in this way, so learning the Still Point Breathe encourages us to breathe with our complete body. Let's all upgrade together, further generating the community of oneness throughout the world. Accelerated ascension is most definitely ON. 

The videos are available FREE on the Elohim Quantum Creations website, meditations, with Q&A, are available on alternate Sundays at 17:00 UK Time. The replays are available, for you to revisit and rewatch in your own time. 

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The inventor, David Clements via guidance from the Elohim

Brought to us by David Clements, a channel for the Elohim, a professional theoretical physicist and mathematician. David looked into the fundamental theories of the makeup of the universe and his academic research involved furthering the fields of super-string theory (a quantum theory of sub-atomic particles and multi-dimensional spaces) through to advanced concepts in electromagnetism. The videos are available FREE here + David also collaborates with the Stargate Experience.

How To Do The Still Point Breathing Exercises

Intention: to breathe with the full body, physically + energetically to connect with our still point/our infinity point

  • Breath through your tummy - swelling your gut - almost like a balloon

  • Expand/Inflate your lungs - feeling your whole body inflate

  • Holding the breath at the top, the 'still point' + enjoy the influx of energies into your physical form

  • then Exhale

  • Continue to repeat this form of breathing daily forever 

Do this at your own time, what feels comfortable to you, we are all unique. We will be learning the bottom + middle still points as the weeks unfold, as this is very powerful and transformative. **The best thing to do is listen to David's videos, for FREE, Elohim Quantum Creations**​


The Oneness Of Being

Meditate | Self-Reiki | Tune In To Your Guides

Practice Quantum Still Point Breathing throughout the day

Remain conscious of your actions & allow the NEW YOU to flow 

Awakening our consciousness to a whole new level

Upgrade your 'software' internally and externally so your connection with the Universe, and all those who reside in it, is magnified, magical and magnificently easy 

Achieve enlightenment, vibe super high, without even thinking about, just realise it is your natural state

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