Good Luck Crystal Set

Good Luck Crystal Set

SKU: 00048

A Gift Set for Good Luck, perfect for interviews, exams or when someone starts on a new path in life.

  • Lepidolite known as ‘The Stress Stone’, is a mood stabiliser that eases feelings of anxiety, stress & depression. This calming, soothing stone brings emotional balance in chaotic times & helps you develop a new approach to life.
  • Black Tourmaline is excellent for repelling & protecting against negativity. Aids intellectual acuity, emotional stability, understanding yourself & increasing physical vitality. 
  • Tiger's Eye is excellent for increasing self-worth, perception & achieving goals and is a very grounding stone. Aids the removal of self-criticism & blocked creativity & helps with stubbornness, enhancing personal insight & knowledge. 
  • Aventurine for Good Luck & Prosperity. Promotes compassion, positivity & perseverance, removes suppressed fear & negativity & defuses negative situations. 

**Crystals vary in size & colour as all are unique per set.

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