Crystal Reiki Treatment + Sound Healing Gift Set

Crystal Reiki Treatment + Sound Healing Gift Set

SKU: 000129

Crystal Reiki clears static energies and releass blockages, as it re-balances the body and ignites your immune system and own ability to heal. It works by subtly changing the flow of energy through and within the body. When combined with crystals and sound healing, the results are amplified. Tuning forks help by bringing the body back to our fundamental pulse and connect us to our life rhythm and provide instantaneous relaxation.


Each set includes a crystal, this one has pyrite. Pyrite, the money stone is for grounding & personal power that strengthens positivity, willpower & conquering bad habits. Health: Good for the lungs as helps asthma & bronchitis. Aids digestion, improves circulation. 


*Each natural stone is unique so may vary in colour and size.The box & lid are biodegradable and recyclable.

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