Reiki Treatment with Crystal Healing Gift Set

Reiki Treatment with Crystal Healing Gift Set

SKU: 000128

Reiki Treatments ignite your immune system to speed up your natural healing abilities and brings your body back into balance. Combining crystal healing with the sessions enhances the healing process and removal of energy blockages. Each set includes a crystal, this one includes Rose Quartz. 


Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart, of unconditional love & emotional healing. Perfect for removing fears and resentments and for calming trauma and grief. It encourages trust & harmony in relationships; self-forgiveness & self-trust. Health: For the heart & circulatory system, kidneys, adrenals & alleviating vertigo. It releases impurities from body fluids & aids chest & lung problems & increase fertility.


*Each natural stone is unique so may vary in colour and size.The box & lid are biodegradable and recyclable.

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