Confidence Crystal Gift Set

Confidence Crystal Gift Set

SKU: 00049

Confidence Crystal Set, to restore & build courage, strength & self-belief.

  • Bloodstone (part of the Jasper family) excellent crystal for increasing determination and they build courage and strength of mind, to do what needs to be done within your individual reality. Vitality, Strength, Passion & Courage
  • Jasper Dalmation - all jasper is known as the ‘supreme nurturer’. This one creates childlike joy & enjoyment in life. It breaks down barriers & generates forgiveness & builds trust. 
  • Unakite Jasper aids with love, compassion, kindness & abundance. It is great for balancing the emotions, for healing the heart and for building strong relationships & inner calmness. Helps to break bad habits & thought patterns, for sensitive emotions & healing from disappointment.

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