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Gargantuan Full Moon Energy Shifts This Week

Updated: May 23, 2021

We are heading into a few days of very strong energy shifts with the third of the 555 Portal Activations tomorrow, 23.05.2021, and the next super charged Full Moon on 26.05.2021. A quantifiable physical change will occur in the Universe and also around and within you. The more tuned in and open you are to the energies, your guides and your own abilities to think, feel and experience the alterations in consciousness the greater the positive impact will be on your life. 2021 is a year of spiritual expansion and with Sunday's 555 Portal Day falling on the same day as Saturn, the master of our lesson learning and karma, turning retrograde then it is going to be a powerful twenty four hours for getting to work on visualising, manifesting and transforming your personal journey.

Add into that the fact it is a tremendous Blood Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday and we are in for a wonderful week of metamorphic opportunities for advancing our existence on earth and moving forwards rapidly to wherever it is you desire to be. The more you are willing to embrace the fifth dimension and acknowledge your effect on your own life and that of those around you, the greater the results will be from these changes. The Sagittarius Full Moon is on Wednesday 26th May at 12.13pm (UK), 4.13am PDT, 7.13am EDT and 9.13pm AEST. Begin to write down all that aggravates and upsets you, anything that lessens your resolve and ability to make magic happen. We are definitely being called to clear out the old in our physical and emotional environments so empty that cupboard, clear that room and see the alteration it makes to your sleep patterns, your digestion and overall health and wellbeing. Remember some of us will be affected up to 5 days before and after each moon cycle, so be gentle on yourself and help guide those in your life to understand the shifts in energy and the effect on each of us.

The energies are helping you to be more intuitive, psychic (we all are, we just need to learn how to use it!), and to listen to your inner voice so that what you do is what you truly want, what you feel is from the heart not your ego and how you act is on a higher level of belief in yourself and all that you can manifest. Call on your stores of patience as it will be needed, I have some lovely new crystals in the online store (more stock going up tomorrow too) that can aid you with this! It is also important to have some fun, laughter and interaction with likeminded people, get planning. Emotions are going to be high but in a good way, a lovely wave of optimism and excitement in here.

The sign of Sagittarius is guiding the truth to be uncovered, travel to be made available on a larger scale and belief systems to be challenged. The old way of thinking and behaving needs to be left behind, our ancestors, guides and own intuition want us to allow ourselves to be rebooted with the energy changes and allow our freedom to return. There are a lot of legal cases going on around the world questioning all that has happened in the last eighteen months and the findings will shock many and a period of epiphanies and evolutionary growth is upon us.

Although it is a full moon please ensure you are taking time to be very clear of your goals, dreams and manifesting skills. Those who have previously achieved greatness have lived outside of the 3D reality, believing more was possible than that which is perceived by a large part of society. Many of us now see the world in a whole new light and are super excited about the transformations going on. You can achieve anything when you believe it with all your heart. If you feel as though you have lost your way due to the challenges recently then know now is your time to realigned and flourish.

A suggested ritual for the Full Moon can be found HERE, if you want some coaching, cleansing or crystals then do get in touch and we can do some Reiki, teach you Reiki, do a Soul Retrieval to replace the lost parts of you, a Past Life Regression to remove the blockages from your past stopping you moving forward in areas of this lifetime or cleanse the negativity from your Home and Office with a Ceremony to remove all that has built up with the massive time many people have been spending at home. A reminder that Mercury Retrograde starts on 29th May, advise about thriving in the energies of that can be found HERE. Daily intention setting is a must so get to it! It only takes a few minutes each morning or evening and has a big effect on your whole day. Positive thoughts and actions will make life easier too; challenges will still show up so that we can expand and grow, it is just our reactions and handling of issues that is changing massively.



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