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Releasing Anger For Good!

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This week I found myself once again challenged by the behaviour of others and I was extremely unhappy with my reaction. The attitude and actions of these two people caused very angry, hurt feelings within me, but this is my perception of the way they behaved and although many others have felt the way they come across is aggressive and patronising, I know this was another healing lesson for me! Yes, they do conduct themselves 'on the negative', constantly thinking others are going to attack them when there is any interactions but they choose to have this perception of the world and choose to have daily negative / argumentative reciprocal actions.

When you find yourself experiencing extreme reactions to situations then it will always be another life lesson that needs looking into! I was teaching a client yesterday to change his approach to a situation, to completely alter his thoughts and 'take the blinkers off' his thinking and knew this was exactly what I needed to do re the situation I found myself in the previous day. We often teach that what we most need to learn and albeit I can most often 'step back' and know it is the other persons perception / attitude / thought processes that are causing them to act that way, this time it hurt! When I get that angry I then become tearful, an acute response, but anger has never sat well with me and in this situation I very much took their actions personally, even though knowing that that is how they treat many others. I can control my responses, feelings and perceptions and so that is my lesson, of great growth and releasing anger and hurtful thoughts.

You never die from a snake bite, it isn’t the bite. What kills you is the venom that continues to pour through you long after the bite has taken place.

I think this sums up holding onto anger very well: You never die from a snake bite, it isn’t the bite. What kills you is the venom that continues to pour through you long after the bite has taken place. For me, I find it happens when I feel people are personally attacking me, in the incident on Thursday, everyone else seemed to get a better deal and I was singled out, or that was my perception! The nature of the individuals in question is much more on the defensive side frequently BUT we will always encounter people like this so we have to do what Dr. Wayne Dyer suggests:

Love this quote by one of my mentors, Dr Wayne Dyer.

Changing our own perceptions, reactions and attitude is within our control, we always have a choice and the ability to retrain our thought processes and reactions.

Nature says 'close up the wounds of your past' Dr Wayne Dyer, yet so many would rather live in pity, as a victim and holding onto the anger from past events. This then manifests as disease and life altering illness so it is VERY important to work on any parts of out past and habits that are painful, upsetting and negative.

This also applies to anxiety, what is inside is what comes out...when we let go and learn new ways to think and react and behave then happiness, calmness and joy become the first choice response not the previous negativity we have learnt over time.

Negative or uncomfortable situations / events and people still show up in our lives to teach what we most need to learn and/or so that we can help them to grow and change. Life is always an interesting journey lets learn to enjoy the ride with greater excitement and laughter. YOU always have a choice, watch your thoughts and work on those that no longer serve you and that are holding you back. Working on these thoughts and feelings is especially important as we go into the festive season and we spend time with people we only see a few times a year, with those who can take your reactions and responses based on the people we once were, rather than who we have become, as we grow, heal and flourish at this life game.

Yesterday's Full Moon is all about personal change, inner reflection and letting go of the old stuff and so perfect for this season of heightened emotions, a stressful time of darker days and pressure to get a long with friends, family and the outside world on a lovely calm, peaceful even keel, for our own protection, strength and inner calm. You have got this, reevaluate anything that troubles you and work through your perception and reactions to situations. Everything that happens is a valuable lesson for our personal growth. Please do comment below and let us learn from your own experiences too.

Have a gorgeous Saturday.



The pathway to health and healing is free from anger, hatred and negativity. - E.Hands

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